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Text Functionality


The Text tab in the Data & Analysis module can help make your textual analysis easier and quicker. It utilizes two main processes that make it much more useful than a keyword search: lemmatization and spell check.


Lemmatization is the process of breaking words down in order to capture the base roots of the word. For the Text tab, lemmatization is used to ensure that your responses are tagged correctly without you having to use complicated query searches.

As an example, let’s consider that we want to capture all the comments from our restaurant’s NPS® survey that mention eating and food.

In other keyword search tools, you might have to develop some long query string that includes the various iterations of eat (eating, eats, etc). However, with Text, the system uses lemmatization to break all those words down to the core base word, “eat,” and then tags responses appropriately.


Spell Check

The Text tab also includes a basic spell checking system to ensure that all your responses get tagged correctly, even if the respondent has misspelled a word.

For example, let’s look at our restaurant again. If we want a topic about cleanliness, you can bet that there will be a few misspelled words. However, the Text spell check will still capture the misspelled words and tag them, so you don’t have to worry about any responses falling through the cracks.


Qtip: For the spell check to work correctly, you will need to have a lot of responses. The spell check is actually based on the other responses in the survey—this way, something like “Froot Loops” won’t be seen as a misspelling in a survey about cereals.