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Step 3: Customizing Survey Experience

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In this step you will learn how to customize your survey further using some advanced Qualtrics features like Quotas and Force Response.


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Project 3

Let’s customize how our respondents will experience our survey.

  1. Apply Force Response to the question asking if your respondents have recently visited your ice cream shop.
  2. Add a quota specifying that 50 males take your survey and another specifying that 50 females take your survey. Once each quota has been met, you’d like to end the current survey for any who would have incremented the relevant quota. Set up a custom end of survey message that will display to these over-quota respondents.
  3. Ensure that your survey will save your respondents’ progress as they move throughout it.
  4. Set your survey to expire in one month’s time.


Additional Content

Survey Accessibility:
This feature diagnoses your survey, indicates which questions are inaccessible to screen reader programs, and gives other recommendations for increased accessibility.
Custom Validation:
This feature allows you to require that respondents answer a particular question in a certain way.
Email Triggers:
This feature allow you to send an automatic email notification to yourself or to someone else whenever a participant finishes a survey.
This feature allows you to grade or assign point values to different answer choices in Multiple Choice, Matrix Table, and Text Entry questions.
Test Survey:
This feature will generate random dummy data so you can see how your data and reports will look before sending out your survey.
Translate Survey:
This feature allows you to add multiple languages to a single survey.