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Statistics Table


Statistics Tables help you see multiple aggregate metrics for your chosen data source. This visualization evaluates all of the responses collected for that data source and displays calculated results such as mean and standard deviation.


Customization Options

Columns are the main customization area for Statistics Table visualizations. You can choose which pieces of information you want the visualization to present:

  • Minimum: The lowest value collected.
  • Maximum: The highest value collected.
  • Mean: The average of all values collected.
  • Std Deviation: The standard deviation across all values collected.
  • Variance: The variance across all values collected.
  • Total Responses: The total number of responses collected that contribute to the statistics.

These options are found in the visualization Editing Pane, located to the far right. By default, they’re all enabled, but you can easily choose to hide options by deselecting the checkbox to the left of the name.