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Branded Themes


Do you need your surveys to match your organization’s branding? Qualtrics makes it easy! Simply brand a survey yourself or request a branded theme from the Qualtrics design team.

To see what you can do with the branded survey options, take a look at some of our major improvements.


Theme Design Improvements

Brand a Survey Yourself

If your license does not include a branded theme, or you just want to brand an individual survey, you can use Qualtrics’ built in design functionality.

Our support pages will help you brand your survey using the Look & Feel menu and show you how to add custom CSS.

Request or Upgrade a Branded Theme

Your Qualtrics license may include the building of custom branded themes for your library. Qualtrics Administrators must approve a Design Request before the request can be processed. You’ll find example themes below.

Example Themes

2015-08-07_09-00-28    2015-08-07_08-56-22 2015-08-07_09-01-44


Submit a Design Request


To request a new theme, update your existing theme, or report an issue with a theme we’ve built for you, visit us at

Common Questions

Who can request a branded theme?

You must be or have approval from a Qualtrics Administrator to request a branded theme or to request updates to an existing branded theme.

How many themes can I request?

Your Qualtrics license includes a set number of themes. However, you can update an existing theme to make sure it is our most mobile friendly version, or to change your branding, free of charge.

How long will my request take?

We will complete your request within three business days.

Can I see some examples of branded themes?

Yes! We’ve included three examples of branded themes on this page. You can also click the Design Request button above to preview the new design options and submit a request. You may view the design request survey and the included design options without actually submitting a design request.

Can we include custom CSS and JavaScript in the survey theme?

Custom CSS and JavaScript should be added on the user’s end on a survey-by-survey basis. You can also contact our Professional Services team about these customizations.

Who will be able to see and use the branded theme?

Everyone in your organization can view and use your branded themes. You also have the option to set theme permissions for individual users or Divisions if you would like.

Custom Projects with Professional Services

Need something more custom? Our Professional Services team would love to help. Contact your Qualtrics Account Executive to learn more.

Example Professional Services Survey