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Action Set Options Menu

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About Action Set Options

When editing your intercept, every action set has an Options button. This page will explain how each one can impact your intercept.

Action Set Options dropdown

Action Set Options

Options menu reveals Advanced options, rename, copy, embedded data, javascript, add event, and delete options

  • Advanced Options: These options allow you to do everything, from deciding how the target window opens to deciding what browsers and platforms are compatible with your intercept. See the Action Set Advanced Options page for additional information.
  • Rename: Rename the action set. This can be helpful for your own organizational purposes.
  • Copy Action Set: Duplicate the action set within the same intercept. This can help you quickly build many similar action sets without rebuilding from scratch every time.
  • Embedded Data: Set embedded data on your action. See the Embedded Data in Website Feedback for more details.
  • Add Javascript: Add custom Javascript either Before Display (before the project code implements) or After Display (after the code implements). For example, if you want to run a tag event on the page once the code fires, you’d put your code in the After Display tab.
    Edit Action Set JavaScript window with Before display and After Display above where you place the code

    Attention: Qualtrics Support does not provide assistance on custom coding. You can always try asking our community of dedicated users instead.
  • Add Event: Allows you to add an event. See the Event Tracking and Event Triggering page for extensive instructions.
  • Move Up: Move the action set above the action set directly over it.
  • Move Down: Move the action set below the action set underneath it.
  • Delete Action Set: Delete the action set.