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Other Text Table (360)

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About Other Text Tables

Other Text tables display the responses participants provided in text boxes on non-Text Entry questions. For example, when building a Multiple Choice question, you can add an additional text box for participants to fill out.

In the example below, the text boxes are provided in case a participant’s department wasn’t listed in the question.

Question where one of the options is Other with a text box next to it

The Other Text table for this question would look like this.

Example other text table in a report

If multiple choices have text boxes, then each choice gets a column. Every row is a separate response.

Below, we will discuss Table Options unique to the Other Text table. For more general information on how to customize tables, visit the Tables Overview page.


You can adjust the number of rows on your table, and what the starting row is. This can be helpful if  you have a large number of responses.

Table Options on the top-right opens a menu. Selecting Table Options reveals Number of Rows field

  1. Right-click the table, or click the table, then select Table Options.
  2. Fill out the maximum number of rows you want your table to have.
  3. Choose the start row. 0 includes the first header, whereas 1 will skip you to the first row of responses.

Add Columns

Do you want to add additional columns of data to your text table? Maybe there’s a particular question response you want to display alongside the feedback, or you want to make a table of contact information using the Embedded Data you saved with the participants’ responses.

  1. Navigate to Table Options.
    Table Options on the top-right opens a menu. Selecting Table Options reveals Add Columns
  2. Click Add Columns.
  3. Select whether you want to add a column containing evaluator information, answers to questions, or Embedded Data.
    three rows: Evaluator Info is First Name, Evaluator Info Email, Save on bottom-right
  4. Select the specific field you want to include.
  5. Click Save.

You can click the plus signs ( + ) to add additional columns, or the minus signs ( ) to remove columns. Click and drag the icon to the left of each statement to reorder your columns.

Below, you can see what a finished table would look like:

Table for Question "What department do you work for?"