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PopUnder Creative


With a PopUnder Creative, you have the unique ability to target visitors after they leave your website. The PopUnder is particularly well suited for site exit surveys, shopping cart abandonment targeting, and any other project where you want to target those leaving your website.

This Creative gets its name because it pops underneath your website and hides in the background until the visitor leaves.


How It Works

When a visitor closes your website, you lose the ability to serve them content. The PopUnder Creative gets around this limitation by creating the window while the visitor is still on the website, and then hiding it in the background so the visitor doesn’t notice it until they leave. If the visitor leaves your website while on a page where they meet conditions for the PopUnder, the PopUnder will pop forward and display your content. If the visitor doesn’t leave but instead switches to a page where they no longer qualify, the PopUnder will disappear without them ever seeing it.


Because PopUnders have the potential to be used for spam, web browsers have implemented measures to limit their functionality. You will see the following restrictions when working with PopUnders:

  • PopUnders cannot be generated until visitors have clicked on your page. At this time, there is no Creative that can target visitors who come to your site and immediately leave without doing anything.
  • The PopUnder window is generated in front of your website, and once generated, immediately sent to the back. This process is nearly instantaneous, but on some browsers visitors may notice a short flash as the window is being generated.
  • Currently, Google Chrome does not allow PopUnder windows unless an Opt-In design is used. With this design, the PopUnder Creative is triggered when the visitor clicks on a target

Setting Up Your PopUnder

A PopUnder Creative is built exactly the same as other standard Creative types. For a refresher on how to build a Creative, refer to the Editing Creatives page.

The following settings are unique to PopUnders and are available in the Change Options section.


Pop forward on page change

With this option selected, your PopUnder will come forward when a visitor meets the conditions you set for the PopUnder, and then switches to any other page on your website.


Because PopUnders are typically reserved for those who leave your website, this option is unchecked by default.

Pop forward on site exit

With this option selected, your PopUnder will come forward when a visitor meets the conditions you set for the PopUnder, and then completely closes your website (either by closing the browser window or by navigating to a new website). When not selected, the PopUnder will remain in the background when a visitor leaves your website.


Qtip: Browsers consider a change in base-URL or the security protocol as leaving a website. If a visitor goes from an HTTP to an HTTPS page in a site or from to, the pop-forward behavior will activate.


Do not show if opened in a browser tab

Certain devices such as mobile phones and tablets have a “flat” layout, with no concept of one window opening behind another. In these cases, any PopUnder windows is simply treated as a new browser tab, which would be quite visible and interruptive to the visitor and can defeat the purpose of your PopUnder initiative.

With Do not show if opened in a browser tab enabled, the PopUnder will not run on devices that tread the PopUnder as a new tab rather than a true PopUnder window.



Show Intercept target on pop forward

Rather than showing visitors your PopUnder when they leave your website, you can choose to have the target website automatically load.


This option is most often used to prevent visitors from noticing sensitive PopUnder content before leaving your website. This is discussed in more detail below.

Sensitive Content with PopUnders

Because PopUnders are generated while visitors are still on the website, there is a chance visitors may notice them before they leave. This can be problematic if the window contains sensitive content that cannot be shown before the end of their visit.

A visitor noticing this PopUnder before they leave the site may be confused by the messaging and could receive an unintended discount.

By using a generic PopUnder (either completely blank or with just a logo) when your message is more sensitive, no harm is done if the visitor notices the window before leaving the website.


Then, with Show Intercept target on pop forward checked, this blank window will automatically be replaced with your target website when the visitor leaves.

Intercept Logic with PopUnders

Intercept conditions on a PopUnder work slightly different than they do for other Creatives. With other Creatives, if your conditions are met, your Creative is displayed. With a PopUnder, if your conditions are met, your PopUnder is hidden in the background so it could be displayed if the visitor exits your website.


In the above example, the PopUnder will be available, hidden in the background, on the shopping cart page. It will not be presented to the visitor unless they leave the website while on the shopping cart page.