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Building New Creatives


A Creative is the piece of content you will show your website visitors. A Creative can take many forms, such as a PopOver, a Feedback Link, or an InfoBar across the top of your website.

Click the Creatives tab along the top of your account to build and access Creatives.


Building a New Creative

On the left panel of the Creatives tab, you will see a list of all Creatives within your Zone. Click on any of these to edit them, or click the green New Creative button on the top.image02

In the New Creative window, you will see a list of available Creative types, along with descriptions and examples of each.image00

Creative Types

Site Intercept features ten different Creative types you can use when targeting your visitors. These Creatives can be divided into two broad categories – Active Creatives, and Passive Creatives.

Active Creatives

Active Creatives are those that require interaction from the visitor. For example, a PopOver window requires the visitor to either click through to your target website or to close the PopOver window before they can continue their visit.

Active Creatives work best when you need to aggressively target your visitors with important content. These Creatives are more visible and tend to have a higher click-through rate.

The following Active Creative types are available:

  • PopOver is an embedded window that appears on your website, overlaying your page content. It can be animated and displayed anywhere on the page.
  • PopUnder is a new browsing window that appears behind the current window until the visitor leaves the site, at which point it pops forward displaying content to the visitor.
  • PopUp is a new browsing window that appears in front of the current window.
  • Relay overlays the entire page with intermediate content, which will be displayed for a set amount of time before revealing the actual web page.
  • Website Redirect allows you to automatically change the visitor’s web page based on your targeting criteria.

Passive Creatives

Passive Creatives do not require the visitor to take any action. They tend to be more subtle than their active counterparts, although some, such as the Slider and the InfoBar, are still highly visible.

The following Passive Creative types are available:

  • Slider animates out of the webpage border. It can be triggered by scrolling down the page or clicking on a control.
  • InfoBar is an animated banner that drops down from the top of the browser or pops up from the bottom. It can overlay your web content or be inserted directly into your site.
  • Custom HTML allows you to build custom content that can appear anywhere within in your web page. This is the most flexible Creative type.
  • Feedback Link is a static icon that hugs the side of the browser window, overlaying your page content. It is typically connected to a feedback survey.
  • Embedded Link allows you to place text within the body of your website that connects the visitor to a dynamic URL.
  • Social Media allows you to add dynamic social media links/widgets to any page on your site.