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Social Media Creative


The Social Media Creative provides links/widgets on your website that allow your visitors to easily share your pages with friends and followers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Reddit.image05

Building Your Social Media Creative

To build a Social Media Creative, simply drag and drop the appropriate social media links to the outlined box on the Creative editor, arranging them as desired.


Using Widgets Vs. Using Icons

By default, the Social Media Creative will display a static icon for each social media network. If you’d rather display a dynamic version of each icon containing information such as number of tweets or Facebook likes, check the Use Widgets box at the top of the Creative editor.image07

Changing the Icon Size

At the top of the Creative editor, you can choose one of four sizes for your social media icons to ensure they will fit well with your website.



Changing the Background Color

By default, the Social Media Creative will have a transparent background and will take on the background color of your website. Click the color drop-down at the top of the Creative editor to switch to a dark, medium, light, or glass-effect background color.


Implementing Your Social Media Creative

Now that you’ve built your Creative, the next step is to place it on your website. You can specify where the Social Media Creative will be inserted with the Intercept editor. To set advanced positioning options, use the Creative editor.


Qtip: Rather than inserting it onto the page in a static location, you can pin the Social Media Creative to the side of your site so that it will be, constantly available as visitors are scrolling down the page. If you want to do this, skip the steps below for choosing a Creative Insertion Point, and in the Change Options menu of the Creative, use Custom Positioning to select where on the page you want the Creative to appear, and select Append to Target container.


To Specify a Creative Insertion Point

  1. On your website, find the ID of the HTML element on your page, where you want to insert the Social Media Creative.image13
    For help finding this ID, consult with your website administrator. If there isn’t already an appropriate space on the page with an HTML ID, your website administrator may need to add this.
  2. In the top-right of the Intercept action you are using to implement the Social Media Creative, click Options and select Advanced Options.image08
  3. Paste the HTML ID of your target container into the Creative Insertion Point field.image04
    Qtip: The Creative Insertion Point option will only be available if your Intercept is connected to a Creative that is inserted directly into the page content, such as Social Media or Custom HTML.
  4. Click Save.image10

Advanced Placement Options

Once you’ve specified a Creative Insertion Point where your Social Media will be inserted on the page with the Intercept editor, head over to the Change Options section of the Creative editor to view more positioning options.

Custom Positioning


Sometimes the container on your website where you will be inserting the Social Media Creative will be larger than the Social Media Creative itself. With Custom Positioning, you can choose where your Social Media Creative will appear in relation to the overall container.

Fix to Page


Additional options are available to offset the X or Y position of the Creative from the initial position, and you can also select Fix to Page so the links follow the visitor as they scroll.


Replace Target Container Contents


By default, the Social Media Creative replaces any content already in the Creative Insertion Point container on your page. This default option is called Replace target container contents.

Append to Target Container


Rather than replacing the contents of the target container, you can select Append to target container to have your Social Media Creative inserted into the target container, but after any existing content.

Insert Before Target Container


With this option, your Social Media Creative will be inserted before the target container.

Insert After Target Container


With this option, your Social Media Creative will be inserted after the target container.