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Advanced Logic


In the previous support pages, we looked at how to use each individual logic statement. On this page, you’ll learn how to work with multiple logic statements. You will also learn the difference between Intercept Display Logic and Action Logic, and how to add multiple exclusions to your Intercept.

Multiple Logic Statements

While single logic statements offer effective targeting, combining multiple statements can open new possibilities. For example, targeting visitors whose current page is not the checkout page of a commerce site might have limited use by itself. However, by simply combining this with a condition that the Page Referer be the shopping cart, you can target those who have abandoned their shopping cart.

To Create Multiple Conditions

  1. Click the plus sign on the right of an existing logic statement.image06
  2. Select whether to link your logic statement with an “And” or an “Or.”image04

And/Or Behavior

“And” statements are linked to the condition above and are required in addition to that condition. “Or” statements begin a new set of conditions. Consider the following example:image05

With this logic, two groups of visitors will qualify for this Creative: those from California visiting a product page, as well as those with a specific IP address. This example also highlights how to preview a Creative for which you don’t meet the conditions – simply add your IP address as an alternate “Or” condition.

Creating Logic Sets

In addition to using “Or” statements to split sets of logic, you can also make your own logic sets. Taking the logic in the example above, we have added a new condition, that the visitor be on a mobile device. This condition is in a separate “And” logic set. In addition to being a California-based visitor on the product page or having the specific IP address, the visitor must now also be on a mobile device.image08

To Create a New Logic Set

  1. Click the And/Or for any of your logic statements and select Move to a new Logic Set.image02
  2. The new logic set will be an “And” logic set by default. If needed, you can change to an “Or” designation for the logic set.image07

Display Logic and Action Logic

When multiple actions in an Intercept have similar conditions, consider adding these conditions at the top of the Intercept by clicking Add Intercept Display Logic. Logic added here will apply to all actions in the Intercept.


Setting Up Multiple Exclusions

In some Intercepts, you will want to exclude multiple groups of visitors from seeing a Creative. For example, you may have a feedback button that should show on the entire website- except for the Search page and the Contact Us page.

Exclusions can be set up by creating multiple “And” conditions and using “Is Not” or “Does Not Contain” options.

In this example, visitors on the Search and the Contact Us pages will not see the Creative.