Insight Platform - Library FAQ | Qualtrics


What is the max file size I can upload?
The max file size for all files is 16 MB. The only exception is contact lists, which can be up to 100 MB.
How do I set up a Group Library?
A Group Library is automatically created when a new group is created by your Qualtrics Administrator. Please contact your Qualtrics Administrator in order to create a group and have the appropriate users added.
How can I copy a survey/block/question to my library?
  1. Navigate to your Survey Library.
  2. Click Copy to this Library.
  3. Choose the element type (survey, block, or question).
  4. Choose the survey you want to copy (if copying a block or question, also select the desired block or question).
  5. Choose the folder you want to add the copy to and name the copy.
  6. Click Save.
Why can’t I copy a survey or add a graphic to my libraries?
This inability to copy is likely because you do not have sufficient user permissions to manage that library. Contact your Qualtrics Administrator to request access to manage these libraries if appropriate.

How do I use a survey from my Survey Library?
There are three main uses for surveys in your Survey Library:

  • To create multiple copies of the same survey for use in your account
  • To share static surveys to a group or organization
  • To use in conjunction with the Reference Survey feature to insert the same set of questions and logic into multiple surveys.
How do I make and manage folders in my libraries?
Once you are in the Library section, you can add new folders by clicking on the New Folder button. Once you name your new folder, you can drag and drop your files into that specific folder. You can create as many folders as desired, and each folder can have as many subfolders and sub-subfolders as needed. Note that you can nest folders up to five levels deep.