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Step 1: Beginning to Build

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In this step you will learn how to create a survey from scratch using various Qualtrics features for adding questions, editing questions, and formatting your survey’s look and feel.


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Project 1

You recently started an ice cream shop and are interested in collecting feedback from your customers.

  1. Create a new project from scratch.
  2. Build a new descriptive text question that welcomes your respondents to your survey.  Using the Rich Content Editor, insert an image of your ice cream shop in the text of this question.
  3. Insert a manual page break after your welcome question.
  4. Build a new multiple choice question (after the page break) asking your respondents if they recently visited your ice cream shop.
  5. Build a new multiple choice question asking your respondents for their gender.
  6. In a new block, build a new matrix table question asking how satisfied your respondents were with various aspects of your ice cream shop (taste, flavor options, atmosphere, staff).
  7. Build a new text entry question asking why your respondents were dissatisfied with their visit to your ice cream shop.
  8. Use the Look & Feel to apply a survey theme that you like.
  9. Use the Look & Feel to change the question text across your entire survey to Georgia font.


Additional Content

Allow Text Entry
This option adds a text box to an answer choice, which allows you to gather additional information from your respondents when a particular choice (i.e. an “other” answer choice) is selected.
Captcha Verification
This question type is used to ensure that your respondents aren’t robots by presenting a “challenge” that the respondent must solve in order to proceed in the survey.
Constant Sum
This question type allows your respondents to enter numeric data that is then summed and displayed back to the respondent.
Drill Down
This question type helps respondents to choose from a long list of options.  Respondents will first choose from a general dropdown list that will determine the options presented in future dropdowns.
File Upload
This question type is used to collect user-uploaded photos and documents.
Gap Analysis
This question type allows respondents to tell you why they selected a particular answer.
Graphic Slider
This question type allows your respondents to indicate their preference using a more engaging scale, such as changing a frown to a smile.
Heat Map and Hot Spot
These question types allow you to gather feedback on images.
This question type allows you to present respondents with an interactive text sample. Respondents can select words from the text and evaluate them using criteria you choose.
Import Questions From
This button allows you to pull questions in from an extensive question library that Qualtrics has put together (or from other surveys that you’ve made).  It includes demographic questions, calendar questions, satisfaction scales, and more.
Pick, Group, and Rank
This question type allows respondents to drag and drop items within groups.  Respondents can also rank those items within each group.
Meta Info
This question type records the public information about the respondent’s computer, such as their browser and operating system.
Net Promoter® Score
This question type allows you to garner customer loyalty using a standard format: “On a scale from 0–10, how likely are you to recommend our [company/product] to a friend or colleague?”
This question type presents respondents with an entry box where they can draw their signature.
This question type is used to time—as well as limit, if desired—how long participants spend on a page of the survey.