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Step 4: Distributing your Survey

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In this step you will learn how to get your survey to your respondents. Specifically you will learn about the various distribution methods in Qualtrics: email, social media, QR codes, etc.


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Project 4

Let’s distribute our survey.

  1. Navigate to the Contacts section and create a contact list. Import yourself as a contact from a file. Include your first name, last name, and email address in the import.
  2. Head back to the Distributions module and compose an email. Use piped text (discussed in step 3) to insert the contact’s first name in the email message.
  3. Send your survey to your newly created contact list (that has you in it).
  4. Take your survey using the Anonymous Link a few times (you’ll need to do this for step 5). Be sure to answer your text entry question (why were you dissatisfied) a few times, as well.


Additional Content

This feature provides you all the benefits of an Individual Link without actually creating or sending out an individual link. Instead, respondents are prompted to log in when they take the survey, which allows you to confirm someone’s identity.
Contact List Triggers:
This feature allows you to create contact lists that include respondents from your surveys or update contacts in an existing list based on their survey responses.
Inline Email Questions:
This feature allows you to insert survey questions into the body of the email that your respondents receive.
Offline App:
This upgrade feature allows you to administer surveys on your mobile device without an internet connection.
Pause Response Collection:
This feature turns your survey “off” so that it no longer accepts new responses.
Personal Links:
This feature generates links that allow you to use your own mailer or a third-party mail system to distribute your survey invitations while also tracking which response belongs to which recipient.
QR Code:
This distribution type creates a type of matrix barcode linked to your survey that can be printed or shown as an online graphic.
SMS distribution:
This distribution type allows you to send surveys and survey invitations over short message services (SMS), or text messages.
Social Media:
This distribution type allows you to post your Anonymous Link to social media websites.