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Step 5: Analyzing your Data

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In this step you will learn how to analyze the data that your respondents have provided. Specifically you will learn about the Data & Analysis and Reports modules that enable you to view your data on both an individual and aggregate level.


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Project 5

Let’s analyze our survey data.

  1. Navigate to the Data & Analysis module and take a look at your completed responses. Customize the response viewer so you’re only looking at your gender question, your matrix table satisfaction question, the Recorded Date, and the response duration.
  2. Export your data to a CSV.
  3. Add a topic to your text entry responses in the Text tab.
  4. Navigate to the Reports module and create a custom page within your Default Report.
  5. Build a visualization of your choice for each of the questions in your survey.


Additional Content

Cross Tabulation:
This feature allows you to perform multivariate analysis and will calculate p-value and Chi-Square statistics.
Exclude from Analysis:
This option allows you to exclude an answer choice from calculations in your graphs, tables, and averages in your reports.
Export random order:
This feature allows you to see the results of any randomization in your survey.
Publish Report:
This feature allows you to publish your reports to the web and share the report links with others.
Recode Values:
This feature allows you to change the coded value assigned to each answer choice.
Retake Survey link:
This feature allows you or a respondent to go back into a survey response and edit it after it has been submitted.
Schedule Report Emails:
This feature allows you to send a copy of your report to a list of specified email addresses on a recurring basis.