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Mailing History

The messages you send are organized by Mailing List within the Mailing History section. This page also allows you to edit scheduled mailings, view the status of your distributions and send reminder and thank you emails.


Understanding the Mailing History


Status: The current status of your distribution. The color of the bubble indicates the status of the distribution.

Recipient: The name of the Mailing List or Sample to whom the distribution was sent.

Subject: The subject line of your email.

Date: The date the distribution was sent. In the case of future emails, the date the distribution is scheduled to be sent will be shown in red.


Emails Failed: The number of failed emails in the distribution. Emails fail if the recipient address was not properly formatted. This does not include bouncebacks.

Emails Bounced: The number of emails that were rejected by the recipient server. Emails will bounce for a variety of reasons: the receiving inbox is full, the email address does not exist, the recipient server has a high security firewall, the recipient server is offline, etc.

Emails Skipped: The number of respondents (emails) that were not delivered because of contacts which have already received the maximum number of emails or invitations within the time frame established by your brand administrator.

Emails Delivered: The number of emails that successfully reached the recipient server.

Emails Opened: The number of contacts who have opened the email in their inbox.

Surveys Started: Beyond opening the email, this tells you how many respondents have actually clicked on the survey link.

Surveys Finished: The number of respondents who have advanced completely through the survey and have clicked the submit button at the end.

Total: The total number of recipients that the distribution attempted to contact.

Viewing and Editing a Distribution

Before your email has been sent, you can edit the details of your distribution, such as the send date and time, or the message content by clicking on the distribution. You can even cancel an accidental mailing by clicking on the arrow under Actions, and selecting ‘Delete Distribution’.

After your message has been sent, you will not be able to make changes to the distribution, but you will be able to reference the recipients, when the message was sent, as well as the statuses of the survey links your respondents received.

Viewing a Distribution

To view the details behind a distribution, click anywhere within the distribution in Mailing History. You will know you are viewing the distribution details when you see the following window:

Qtip: The windows to both edit and view a distribution have the same appearance. Only the Edit Distribution view will allow you to change the information, which appears before the distribution is sent.

Editing a Distribution

To edit a distribution, open the “View Distribution” window and make any adjustments necessary. Once you are finished making those changes, be sure you click the “Save Changes” button before exiting.

Qtip: The “Show Link Options” button is great if you need to set the link expiration, or change the link type from a single response to a multiple completes link.

Downloading the Mailing History

Downloading the mailing history of a distribution allows you to look at the individual status of each person who was sent an email.

  1. Click on the “Actions” dropdown to download the mailing history.
  2. Upon clicking the “Download Mailing History” button, a .csv file will be downloaded to your computer containing the mailing history.

The downloaded Mailing History will contain the following columns:
Response ID: The response ID is a unique identification code that is assigned to each completed response. This ID is assigned once a response is closed, so only Recorded Responses have Response ID’s.
Status: The status of each respondent’s survey. The list below details the types of statuses you may see:

  • Email not sent yet: The Qualtrics Mailer has not yet distributed this email .
  • Email Bounced: The email did not reach the recipient’s inbox. This could be for a number of reasons: the recipient’s server was offline, the email inbox was full, the email address does not exist, etc.
  • Email Sent: The recipient has received the email but has not opened it yet.
  • Email Opened: The recipient has opened the email.
  • Survey Started: The respondent has clicked on the survey link.
  • Survey Finished: The response was submitted.
  • Session Expired: The recipient started the survey, but did not finish within the allotted time frame. This status will also display for responses that were screened out and not saved, and for partial responses deleted due to the Partial Completion setting “Delete Partial Responses after one week” in Survey Options.
  • Email Skipped: This respondent was over their contact limit when the distribution was sent.

Opted Out: The respondent clicked on the “opt out” link in the email indicating they do not want to receive any more messages.

End Date: The date and time the respondent finished the survey.

Link: The recipient’s survey link.

Link Expiration: The date and time the recipient’s survey link expires.

Qtip: You can also use the mailer to generate a list of individual survey links without sending them out. This can be useful, for example, if you need a list of unique links to send via your own email system. For more information view our page on Generate Links.

Sending a Reminder Email

To follow up with respondents who haven’t completed their survey, you may want to send a Reminder Email. These emails will only be sent to individuals who have not yet completed their survey and will include a link to that user’s unique survey session. If they have already started the survey, they will continue where they left off, and those who haven’t begun the survey can start at the beginning.

To send a Reminder Email:

  1. Click the Actions drop-down and select “Send Reminder or Thank You.”
  2. Select when to send the email.
  3. Specify a From Name, Reply-to Email and Subject
  4. Load a saved message or create a new message by typing in the message body.
  5. Select Schedule Mailing
Qtip: Reminders will only be sent to those who have not completed the survey. Thank You messages will only be sent to those who have completed the survey.

Sending a Thank You Email

To show your respondents how much you appreciate their participation, you can send them a Thank You Email. These emails are only sent to respondents in your distribution who have completed and submitted their survey.

Qtip: Rather than sending all Thank You emails at once, you can also set up your survey to automatically send individual Thank You emails as participants complete the survey. This option is found in Survey Options, in the Edit Survey tab.

To send a Thank You Email:

  1. Click the Actions drop-down and select ”Send Reminder or Thank You.” Then select “Send Thank You.”
  2. Select when to send the email.
  3. Specify a From NameReply-To Email, and message Subject.
  4. Click ”Load a Saved Message,” or create a new message.
  5. Choose “Schedule Mailing.”

Check Thank You or Reminder Email status

To check the status of a Thank You or Reminder Email, click the bell icon next to your original mailing in the Email History.


To edit a Thank You Email that hasn’t been sent yet, click the email.

Deleting A Distribution

  • In Email History you can also delete distributions that have been sent, or those that are scheduled to be sent.
  • Deleting a mailing that has not yet been sent will cancel the distribution.
  • Deleting an email distribution that has already been sent will not affect the survey links, but it will remove the option to send out Reminder or Thank You emails.

To delete a distribution, click the Actions drop-down, and then select ”Delete Distribution.”