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Changing a Field’s Date Format

  1. Click on Add Field and select the Date Field Type
    pick date
  2. Click on the “Not Mapped” button to choose the Embedded Data that will populate the field.
    not mapped
  3. Click on the recode symbol, to pick the date’s Format and Timezone.
    recode symbol
  4. Click Add Format
    add format
  5. Define which Format and Timezone apply to your data.
Qtip: The list of date formats is not all inclusive. If you are using a date format that is not in the list, you’ll need to create a Custom Date Format.

Adding a Custom Date Format

  1. Click on the drop down for Format and select Custom Format.
  2. Enter in your own Custom Format.
    enter custom

Date Format Syntax

To specify a Custom Format, please use the following symbolic syntax

For example, if you have a date & time data in this format: Tue, 10–25–2015, 8:42pm, it should be presented in the Date Format field as ’E’, ‘M’–’d’–’y’, ‘K’:’ma’.


The Timezone option is generically set to the timezone of your Vocalize account; however, it is best practice to verify and choose the correct timezone for the embedded data being added.