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Field Groups

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OverviewCreating a Field Group


The field group data type allows you to group fields that have the same scale (e.g., matrix tables). If fields are grouped in the Dashboard Data then, with one click, you can add an entire field group to a graph/table without having to add in each field one-by-one. Alternatively you can add one subfield to a widget if you don’t want to bring in the entire group.

If you want to group answer choices together within a field, please see recoding values.

Creating a Field Group

  1. In your Dashboard Data, click on the Add Field button.
    A.1.9 - 1
  2. Change the Field Type to Field Group.
    A.1.9 - 2
  3. Add fields nested inside the Field Group that have the same scale.
    A.1.9 - 3

    Qtip: Subfields need to have either the Numeric Value or Number Set field type.