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Ticketing Roles and Teams

Choose Team to View

In the Ticketing widgets, you’ll notice that there is a dropdown that lets you toggle between tickets assigned to you and tickets assigned to your team. It will also let you choose between different teams, if you’re on multiple teams.
Your team consists of other individuals who are assigned to the same role as you. This allows administrators to set up teams of users to work on tickets. This also allows supervisors to check on the status of tickets for members of their entire team to see how they are doing. To learn more about setting up roles, see
Managing User Roles.

Reassigning Tickets

Individual users can reassign tickets from their team to themselves, and administrators can assign any ticket to any user or team.

  1. Access a Vocalize dashboard page that uses a Single Ticket Viewer and Ticket List Viewer.
  2. Select the ticket to reassign in the Ticket List Viewer.Screen2
  3. In the Single Ticket Viewer, select the Assigned To box. Screen3
  4. Type in the name of the user or role that the ticket should be assigned to and select the user in the drop down.Screen4
  5. Optionally, input a reason for the assignment, and then press the Assign Ticket button.Screen5

Changing Ticket Statuses

Users can change the status of tickets using the Single Ticket Viewer in conjunction with the Ticket List Viewer. Users can only change the status of tickets that have been assigned to them – even if it’s been assigned to their team, they still need to assign the ticket to themselves in order to change the status. Administrators can change the status of any ticket regardless of assignment.

  1. Open the ticket in the Single Ticket Viewer by selecting it in the Ticket List Viewer.
  2. Use the Change status to button to move the ticket to the next status in the workflow.Screen6
  3. Brand administrators can also assign the status of any ticket, regardless of assignment. To do so, just use the Status drop down in the Single Ticket Viewer.Screen7