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Ticket Widgets

Ticketing widgets combined with Outcomes provide a dashboard close the loop system.  The Tickets List Viewer and Single Ticket Viewers together let users interact with and follow up with current tickets and the Ticket Goal Widget and Tickets Trend Graph let users see their recent progress. Ticketing Widgets are intended to all show on the same page.
Ticketing Overview

Tickets List Viewer

This will show list of all the tickets that are either assigned to an individual, the team, or all outstanding tickets (depending on the view selected). The user will see the ticket number, ticket name (this is determined in the Outcomes section in the Research Suite), ticket status, creation date, and priority. Users can also add additional columns to see owner name, role name, time updated at, and comments.

Basic Setup

  1. Add a Tickets List Viewer widget
Qtip: Administrators can view all tickets for their organization regardless of role.

Single Ticket Viewer

This widget gives you greater detail about the ticket you have selected in the Ticket List Viewer. From this widget you can change and track the status of the ticket to open, in progress, or closed.  Administrators have the ability to delete tickets or create custom ticket statuses.

Basic Setup

  1. Add a Single Ticket Viewer widget
  2. Select whether or not to display full response on click

Tickets Goal Widget

This widget enables users to see how many current open tickets are assigned to them and their team. It also allows administrators to set a ticketing goal and have users quickly see whether they are achieving that goal.

Basic Setup

  1. Add a Tickets Goal widget
  2. Select a Metric of Open Count or Response Time
  3. Select whether to allow users to filter by their team
  4. Select Goal Level and Date Range if Metric is Resolution Time
Qtip: If a user has multiple roles then they will only see the stats for their first role.

Tickets Trend Graph

The Tickets Trend Graph allows the user to see how many open tickets they have and how they compare to team averages. Alternatively, you can customize this widget to show resolution time instead.

Basic Setup

  1. Add a Tickets Trend Graph widget


  1. Select Metric of Open Count or Resolution Time
  2. Select whether to allow users to filter by their team
  3. Select a color scheme of Reds, Blues, or Greens
  4. Select Date Range of Last 2 weeks or Last 7 days
  5. Select whether or not to smooth lines