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Image Widget (EX)

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Qtip: This page describes functionality available to dashboards in Engagement, Lifecycle, and Ad Hoc Employee Research projects. For more details on each, see Types of Employee Experience Projects.

About Image Widgets

The Image widget allows you to show a single, static image in your dashboard.

The Qualtrics logo added onto a dashboard

Field Type Compatibility

The Image widget requires a URL to display an image. Once you have the image URL, paste it into the Image URL box located in the widget editing pane.

An image widget with the image editing pane open to show where the URL can be pasted

Widget Customization

For basic widget instructions and customization, visit the Widgets Overview support page. Continue reading for widget-specific customization.

You can customize the Image widget’s Title and Description just like other widgets. Additionally, you can adjust the Image Position.

The title, description, and image position settings on an Image widget