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Legacy Salesforce App Administration

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About Legacy Salesforce App Administration

Attention: We’ve introduced a new version of the app with an improved UI. See The New Salesforce App Experience for more details.

Users with the Qualtrics Admin permission set or the Full Access profile settings have additional capabilities within the app that are unavailable to users with the Qualtrics User permission set or the Qualtrics Standard User profile settings.

Attention: The app requires access to the Qualtrics v3 API and the Qualtrics Salesforce Extension. If you don’t have access to these features, reach out to your Qualtrics Account Executive for more information.

Administration within the App

Both the Qualtrics Admin permission set and the Full Access profile setting grant a user access to the settings sections of the Qualtrics Surveys tab. The settings sections of the Qualtrics Surveys tab allow you to control default settings for emails distributed through the app and to customize which fields will prevent your records from receiving surveys.

Default Message Settings

You can use the Default Message Settings to specify what From Name, Reply–to Email, and Subject line appear or can be overridden when users send Qualtrics surveys via the app.

  • Default Message From Type: This setting allows you to specify the From Name and Reply to Email for survey invitation emails sent by users in your organization. You may select from three default choices:
    • Use Custom Info: Uses values entered by a Qualtrics Admin.
    • Use Running User Info: Pulls the Name and Email from the current Salesforce user who is sending the survey.
    • Use Org Wide Default Info: Uses an existing Organization-Wide Email Address.
  • Allow User to Override Message Settings: When enabled, this option allows users to override the Default Message From Type settings. When disabled, users will be forced to use the default settings.
  • Subject Line: This option specifies a default subject line for invitation emails when users in your organization send a survey.
  • Allow User to Override Subject: When enabled, this option allows users to override the set subject line. When disabled, users will be forced to use the default subject line.

Email Opt–out Settings

From the Email Opt-out Settings menu, you can manage which checkbox fields on your Salesforce objects are used to opt records out of receiving surveys. If any of the opt-out fields specified in this menu are checked on a survey record, that record will be skipped when the email distribution is created. This process of skipping opted-out records occurs regardless of whether or not the user sending the survey has the ability to see or edit the opt-out fields.


From Surveys, you can view records for surveys that are sent. Note that no surveys will be listed here until you have distributed a survey through the app. A new record is created each time a survey is distributed through the app and is updated as you progress through the process of sending the survey. In the Qualtrics Surveys tab, you can view a list of all Survey records that have been created. Selecting a Survey record will open the record’s detail page. Information about the Survey records that appears in the Qualtrics Surveys tab includes the following:

  • Qualtrics Survey: Before the survey is sent, this link returns you to where you left off in the Send Survey process. Once the survey has been sent, this redirects to the corresponding Survey record.
  • Survey Title: The name of the survey that is selected to send or has sent.
  • # Sent: The number of records that will be or have been mailed based on the opt–out settings at the time the Survey record was created.
  • Sent Date: The date and time the mailing was sent.
  • Status: The status of the survey distribution process for this Survey record. There are five possible statuses.
  • Panel Created: The Send Qualtrics Survey button has been pressed, a panel is created in the user’s Qualtrics account, and no survey has been selected yet.
  • Edit Survey: A survey is selected but not yet sent. If the survey is in the Qualtrics account of a user with the Qualtrics Admin permission set, they can edit it by clicking on the Qualtrics Survey name.
  • Edit Response Mapping: The selected survey has been edited and the Response Mapping can now be edited.
  • Message: The user has reached the Send Email step but has not yet sent the invitation message and the survey.
  • Sent: The invitation message and survey have been sent.
  • Created By: The Salesforce user who created the survey record.
  • Created Date: The date the survey record was created.

Making Surveys Available to Standard Users

Qualtrics Standard Users are unable to create or edit surveys before distributing them via the app. They are also unable to create new survey responses in Salesforce. To grant users access to these options, follow the below steps:

  1. Create the survey in any Qualtrics account associated with a Qualtrics Admin Salesforce user.
  2. Share the survey with the Qualtrics account of the standard user and activate the survey.
  3. When the user goes to distribute surveys through the app, they will see the shared survey in their list of available surveys to distribute.