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Website Redirect Creative


With the Website Redirect Creative, you can use Site Intercept logic to direct the flow of traffic on your website. With it, you can automatically change your visitors’ web page based on targeting criteria you specify.

How It Works

With Website Redirects, visitors who come to a page on your website that meets the conditions you set will automatically be redirected to a target page you specify. For example, you could direct visitors in Australia to a specific landing page that highlights local offers or during certain times of the year direct visitors to pages that showcase seasonal sales.

Setting Up Your Website Redirect

Setting up a Website Redirect Creative is simple — in fact, there’s literally nothing to it. Once you’ve selected the Website Redirect type and created it, the only option you need to click is Publish Creative.


The conditions for the redirect to occur and the target page visitors are directed to are all specified on the Intercept. For a review of how to set these conditions and add a target website, refer to the About Intercepts page.

In this Intercept, visitors to the US home page from Australia will be redirected to the Australia home page.

Website Redirect Considerations

To prevent affecting user experience, Site Intercept code is never run until the page is fully loaded. This protects your website from any potential service disruptions Site Intercept may experience. However, with Website Redirect this also means visitors must wait for Page A to fully load before Site Intercept redirects them to Page B.

Because of this limitation, be mindful when choosing to use Website Redirect. Website Redirect may be appropriate for ad-hoc or temporary redirects, or for redirects with complex logic that cannot easily be handled by your server.

If visitors click a link on your website to arrive on the page where you will be performing the redirect, the Embedded Link Creative may be a better option. With this, Site Intercept dynamically changes the target of the link so visitors can be directed immediately to the appropriate page, rather than waiting for Page A to load before being redirected to Page B.