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InfoBar Creative


The InfoBar attracts the visitor’s attention without disrupting their viewing experience. It is commonly used for announcements and notifications; for example, explaining your Cookie policy or announcing a new product.


QTip: The InfoBar is great for targeting mobile devices because other Creatives (such as PopOvers and Sliders) may cover too much of the small screen.

How It Works

The InfoBar displays a banner across the top or bottom of your page and automatically adjusts to the visitor’s browser size. It can also be animated so it slides onto the screen versus appearing abruptly.


Additionally, you are able to select whether you want the InfoBar to insert itself into the web page body or cover up that portion of content.

Setting Up Your InfoBar

For the basics of building your InfoBar, refer to Editing a Creative. The Selected Content Editor Toolbar allows you to Anchor your InfoBar to the top or bottom of the page.


When you select other items, you may anchor them to the left, right, or center of the screen.


Since the InfoBar will automatically adjust itself to fit the visitor’s browser window, anchoring will help maintain your items’ relative locations. For example, if content is anchored to the left, when the visitor stretches their browser window, your Infobar content will remain the same distance from the left side of the screen.

With left anchoring, regardless of browser width, this textbox will always be the same distance from the left of the screen.

The following settings can be found in the Change Options menu and are unique to InfoBar:

Display After

Display After specifies the number of seconds that must pass before the InfoBar will appear. This is additional to time requirements set in the Intercept conditions.


Qtip: Displaying the InfoBar immediately after the page loads may result in a jarring experience for the visitor. Consider adding a few seconds of delay to give the visitor a chance to get oriented.

Close After

Close After specifies the number of seconds that the InfoBar will remain open before automatically closing. The timer starts counting from the time the InfoBar is displayed on the page. If set to 0 seconds, the InfoBar remains open until the visitor clicks on the target or closes it.


Animate InfoBar

Slides the InfoBar onto the top or bottom of the page, as opposed to appearing abruptly.


Insert Into Page Body

The Insert Into Page Body setting pushes site content down to make room for the InfoBar rather than covering page content.