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Multiple Action Sets


Multiple Action Sets within one Intercept are typically used to either target different respondents or to conduct A/B testing & sampling. If you have two Intercepts and you one to show exclusively to one group, and the other to show exclusively to a separate group, you can easily accomplish this by merging the two Intercepts into one Intercept with several Action Sets.

On this support page, you will learn how to set up Multiple Action Sets and how Action Set criteria is evaluated.

Creating Multiple Action Sets

  1. Go to the Edit Intercept page within the Intercepts section.image01
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Add Another Action.image09
  3. If you’d like to copy a pre-existing Action Set, go to the Options and select Copy Actionimage08

Order of Action Set Evaluation

Sequential Order (Default)

By default, multiple Action Sets are evaluated in a sequential order, from first to last, and only one is ultimately carried out. If the website visitor does not qualify for any of the Action Sets, then no Action Set is carried out.


Randomized Order

If you’d prefer that Action Sets were chosen at random (i.e. for A/B testing), you’ll want to select the Randomize Action Set option. You can find this on the Change Options page while in the Intercepts section.


Combining Multiple Intercepts

If you have multiple Intercepts activated on a webpage and you would only like one Creative at a time to display to each/any website vistor, you may be better off using a single Intercept that contains multiple Action Sets. For instructions, see below.


  1. Go to the Edit Intercept page within the Intercepts section and click on one of the two Intercepts you’re merging.image07
  2. If you have Intercept Display Logic, be sure that you move it to the Action Set level. If you have display criteria on this Intercept that also applies to the other Intercept that you’re merging, you can leave it at the Intercept level.
  3. Create and set up a new Action Set, making sure to specify the display criteria, Creative, and Target from the other Intercept that you’re merging.image06

Targeting Different Users

Within each Action Set you can set up different logic to target selected users. For example, you might want to target certain mobile devices or browser types used to access the webpage.

One common example of targeting is having one action set display a smaller PopOver Creative for users on mobile devices and a separate action set display a bigger PopOver Creative for users on desktops.


Alternatively, maybe you’d like to have U.S.-based users see one Creative and U.K.-based users see a different Creative. This can also easily be done within Multiple Action Sets.