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Embedded Data with SI


Any information that can be tracked by Site Intercept can also be send over to your target website or target survey. For example, if your target is a website satisfaction survey, you can choose to save information about how long the participant was on the website or how many pages they visited. This information is not saved within Site Intercept, but is passed over to the target website or survey.

Setting Embedded Data

Embedded Data is typically specified for individual Actions in your Intercept. For example, on one Action you might send an Embedded Data field called “Creative Version” with a value of “A”, and on another Action you might send an Embedded Data field called “Creative Version” with a value of “B”.


The steps below will describe how to save Embedded Data for a specific Action. However, if you would like all Actions using a given Creative to have the same Embedded Data, you can also set Embedded Data on the Creative itself. The steps will be exactly the same, but you’ll find the Embedded Data menu by right clicking on your Creative’s Target and selecting Embedded Data.


To set Embedded Data on any Action

  1. On any Action, click Options and select Embedded Data.image05
  2. Click Add Embedded Data to add your first field.image04
  3. Enter a name for your Embedded Data field.image01
  4. Select the value type.

    Qtip: A Static Value means the value of the Embedded Data field will be the same for each visitor who receives this Action. The other Embedded Data value options are dynamic, meaning that they’ll adjust depending on the particular visitor (e.g. which page the visitor was viewing when they saw the Creative).

  5. Enter a value for your Embedded Data field.image07
  6. If you would like to add additional Embedded Data fields, click the plus sign to the right of your first field and repeat steps 3–5.image11

Do these Embedded Data options look familiar? The information you can save as Embedded Data is quite similar to the information that you can use for targeting visitors. For a refresher on some of these, refer to our pages on Intercept logic, beginning with User Info Conditions.

Multiple Embedded Data Fields

Due to browser limitations, only 2,000 characters of data may be sent to the target website. Certain fields (such as Recorded Site History) will take more of this space than others. Should there not be enough room to send all Embedded Data fields to the target website, fields at the top of the list will be prioritized. You can set the priority of Embedded Data fields simply by clicking the handle on the left of any field and moving it up or down the list.


Saving Embedded Data in a Qualtrics Survey

If your Target is a Qualtrics survey, Embedded Data sent to it will be available for use in survey logic with no additional action needed. However, if you want to save this Embedded Data in the survey results, you’ll need to add it to your Survey Flow.

  1. Navigate to the Survey module, and open the Survey Flow.Gen_1
  2. Click Add Below or Add a New Element Here anywhere in the flow.Gen_2
  3. Choose Embedded Data.Gen_3
  4. Create fields with the exact same names you used in Site Intercept (note that these are case sensitive). Don’t set any of the values, as these will come from Site Intercept.Gen_4
  5. Click Save Flow to finish.Gen_6
Qtip: Forgot to save Embedded Data in the Survey Flow before running a survey? No worries – Embedded Data can be added retroactively after the survey is finished.

Using Embedded Data with Other Targets

Even if your Target isn’t a Qualtrics survey, you can still leverage Embedded Data and pass the information over. The Embedded Data is sent to the target website in a format called a query string. Embedded Data fields are appended to the end of the target URL in the following format:


A query string is one of the most common ways to send data to a website. Check with your target website’s provider to see if data can be saved from a query string.