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SI Organization Settings



Organization settings are located in the Administration section of your account and house a few settings that will apply to the entire organization. If you cannot view this section, you’re not an administrator for your organization’s Site Intercept license. Anyone with administrative access will be able to change and update the Organization Settings.


This setting allows you to set a cap on how large Site Intercept cookies can be. This is particularly important if you have several services running on your site utilizing their own cookies. To change these settings simply enter your desired maximum size, and then click the green Save button.

Adobe Analytics Variable


If you’re running Adobe Analytics on your website, there are usually several variables that Site Intercept can read and use for targeting visitors and embedded data. By default, these variables have an “s” preceding the variable name. For example: “s.eVar1”.

However, some organizations have set a different prefix in Adobe for their variables (i.e., “q.eVar1”) and may find that Site Intercept cannot utilize the Adobe Analytics variables on the webpage. If you do use a custom prefix in Adobe Analytics, you’ll need to also enter it here in the Organization Settings.