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SI Admin Summary


The Summary page allows you to view the statistics and data relevant to your organization’s usage of Site Intercept. For information about these statistics, check out our support page on Site Intercept Statistics. To access your organization’s Summary page, you must be an administrator. You can find the Summary page in the Administration section of your Site Intercept account.


The graph at the top of the page displays the total number of Page Views for your intercepts. This total is across all zones within your organization.

The Zones section allows you to view the number of Page Views, Impressions, and Clicks recorded for all intercepts within that zone. It also reports a click-through percentage, which is the recorded number of Clicks divided by Impressions.

The Intercepts section allows you to view the number of Impressions and Clicks, broken down by each individual intercept. The Creatives section displays the same statistics, broken down by each creative.