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Reports Overview


In the Reports module, you can view answer summaries and create custom pages to visualize and manage aggregate results. Before delving into the specifics though, there are three important elements of the Results module to understand:

  • Visualization: An interface to view your data as a graph or a table.
  • Page: A scratchpad where you can explore and analyze your data and create insightful visualizations.
  • Report: A collection of filters, pages, and visualizations.


You can create as many visualizations, pages, and reports as you want to explore and analyze your data.

Reports Organization

The top bar of the Results module holds the global report settings. Here you can make and switch between reports, add filters to a report, and access general report options.


To the far left is your page list. Custom Pages lists all of your custom work spaces, and Question Pages lists the default pages made for each question and Embedded Data field in your survey.


To the right of the page list is the report editor (similar to the survey editor). Whichever page you have selected will appear in this view. This is where you create and edit visualizations.


You can also view and create cross tabulations for your survey questions by going to Report Options and choosing View Cross Tabs.


Creating or Copying a Report

  1. Click the current report name dropdown.
  2. Select Create New Report or Copy Report.
  3. Enter a name for your report.
  4. Click Create.2015-09-14_14-14-04

Report Options

The Report Options dropdown provides several general settings:


  • View Cross Tabs: Create and view cross tabulation charts for questions in your surveys.
  • Publish Report: Make an interactive version of all your pages available for online viewing.
  • Export Report: Export a PDF, Word, or CSV version of your report, as well as view previous exports.
  • Rename Report: Edit your report name.
  • Schedule Report Email: Set up a recurring email that sends your report to chosen individuals.
  • Delete Report: Delete your entire report (including all filters, custom pages, and question pages).