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Preview Survey


Once you have finished building your survey, you can preview it to ensure that everything is working the way you want. Just click Preview Survey in the top right of the Survey module.


In the preview survey mode, you can answer questions and move through the survey the same way your respondents would with a real link. Though the survey itself looks exactly the same as in the real link.


If you would like another individual to preview the survey, you can copy the URL in the web address when you are previewing your survey and send that URL to whomever you want to test your survey. Note that your associate doesn’t need to have a Qualtrics account to view the preview link and test out the survey.

Preview Banner

This banner will have options useful for previewing the survey. Remember, these options are only available during the preview mode and will not be accessible with live links.

Ignore Validation

The “Ignore validation” option allows you to bypass any questions with validation (force response or custom validation) without answering them, letting you quickly go through the entire survey. This is helpful when you want to test a specific portion of your survey without having to answer every required question.


Show Hidden Questions

The “Show hidden questions” option is enabled by default and allows you to view hidden questions (e.g., Timing and Meta Info questions) in the preview. This can be helpful when verifying the placement of these questions in the survey. Remember though that this option only applies to the preview survey mode and that these questions will not be seen by respondents accessing a live link.


Place Bookmark

Clicking Place Bookmark allows you to bookmark whatever page you are currently on (note that after placing the bookmark, the button turns green and says “Go to Bookmark”). The next time you start your preview survey, you can just click Go to Bookmark and jump ahead to the bookmarked page. This is helpful if you want to test a later section of your survey without having to go through the first sections every time.


At any point, you can clear away the bookmark or place it somewhere else. Just click the dropdown arrow and choose the desired action.


Restart Survey

At any point in the preview, you can click Restart Survey to begin again. For future testing, you can select the dropdown next to Restart Survey to save your answers when you have finished the preview survey.


Preview Responses

Preview responses are recorded in your data as a way to let you see what your response data might look like on the backend. These responses do not count toward your license total, and they will only be recorded if the entire survey is previewed and finished.

Although these preview responses are flagged in your data and included in your results, the preview survey link is only for testing the survey and should not be used to record real data. For example, your participants could ignore validation, see hidden questions, save their answers for the next participant, or not have their partial response recorded.

You can quickly delete all preview responses at one time by navigating to the Data tab in the Data & Analysis module, clicking the Tools dropdown, and selecting “Survey Previews” under Delete Data.


Qtip: The Preview Email you can send yourself in the Distributions module uses the Preview Link; be careful to not forward this link to your participants (to avoid collecting biased and corrupted data).

Mobile Preview

The Mobile Preview lets you view how the survey will look on a mobile device. This mobile representation is dynamic, and you can use it to move forward in the survey.


You can hide or show the Mobile Preview by clicking the yellow mobile device icon in the upper right corner. In addition, you can click on the QR code in the top right in order to use a QR Code scanner to easily preview the survey on your own mobile device.

Qtip: For more information on the mobile preview and other mobile options, visit our Mobile Device Optimization page!

Other Preview Modes

In addition to the Preview Survey, there are two other preview modes: Block and Question.

Qtip: We recommend previewing the entire survey in order to fully test Skip and Branch Logic, Piped Text, and other interactive elements in your survey.

Block Preview

In some cases, you only need to preview a block of questions instead of the entire survey. In these instances, you can click on Block Options in the top right of each block and select View Block from the menu.


Qtip: Note that you will be unable to test any Survey Flow elements with this method since Survey Flow elements appear before or after a block and not within.

Question Preview

You can preview a single question instead of the whole block or survey. Just click on the question and choose Preview Question from the Editing Pane.