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Manage Directory Triggers

New contacts can be automatically added to one or more Mailing Lists by setting up a directory trigger on the Manage Triggers page in the Directory. Trigger conditions are based off of Contact Info or Embedded Data.

Create A Trigger

  1. Click on “Add Another Trigger.”
  2. Select the Mailing List from the “Please Select” dropdown menu.
  3. Only check the “And unsubscribe from this list” if you’d like the contact to be added to and immediately opted out from the Mailing List.
  4. Select “Add a Condition.”
  5. Use the available drop down menus to select the first condition you’d like to add to your trigger.
  6. If you would like to create multiple conditions, click the “+” option on the right-hand side of the trigger for each new condition
  7. Click “Save.”
Qtip: Directory triggers will be activated when new contacts are added to Target Audience. Updating contacts to meet the Directory trigger criteria will not cause the Directory triggers to fire.