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Search Criteria

The search function is very useful for finding specific contacts or contacts within a specific demographic. Searches can be used, for example, to find groups of contacts who have specific values for Embedded Data fields you’ve created, contacts whom you have not contacted in a while, or contacts who answered survey questions in a certain way.

The following search criteria are available to you in the basic search logic options:

  • Contact Info
  • Subscribed
  • Embedded Data
  • Mailing List
  • Statistics


Additionally, these criteria are available to you in the advanced search logic options:

  • Range Statistics
  • Survey
  • # of Mailing Lists


To access advanced search logic click “Show Advanced Logic.”


Example Searches

Below are a few examples to help you run common searches in your Directory and Mailing Lists:

Search using Embedded Data

Suppose you have created embedded data fields for your contacts that track their gender and state of residence. Suppose also that you are interested in finding all the contacts in your Directory who are male and live in the state of Washington so that you can survey them. To do this:

  1. Change the search option to Embedded Data.
  2. Enter “Gender” or choose from the list of fields in the drop down menu.
  3. For the value, type “Male” or choose from the list of values in the drop down menu.
  4. Click the plus button “+” at the right of the page to add a new line of logic.
  5. Repeat the steps above, but this time enter “State” is equal to “WA” (if you are using the two-letter abbreviations as your values).
  6. Hit “Search” to run this query.

Search using Statistics

Suppose you have been using Target Audience to systematically survey people who have not answered surveys within a certain time frame so as to not over-survey your participants. You now want to run a search to find contacts who have not received a survey invite in the last two months so that you can reach out to them for your next study. To do this:

  1. Change the search option to Statistics.
  2. Choose “Last Invite.”
  3. Choose “Before.”
  4. Click on the date and then use the calendar to choose your date to be two months before today.
  5. Hit “Search” to run this query.

Searching on Survey Response

Suppose you have surveyed your participants in the past to collect demographic information, but you forgot to include a Panel Trigger in your survey to add that information as Embedded Data to your contacts in Target Audience. With the Survey option, you can search based on past responses. In this example, we’ll run a search for participants who indicated their age range as “18–25” in your survey. To do this:

  1. Click on the “Show Advanced Logic” button.
  2. Change the search option to Survey.
    advanced - survey
  3. Choose your survey name.
  4. Choose “Question” to look at a specific question in the survey.
  5. Find the question that asks “How often do you visit our website?”type-question
  6. Choose the answer choice you’d like. In this case, choose “Very Often”answer
  7. Choose “Is Selected.”
  8. Then hit “Search” to run this query.advanced-search

The Search Results Drop Down Arrow

Once you have run your search to find the right contacts, all actions can be performed using the search results drop down arrow located near the top-right of the results table.

From this drop down arrow, you’ll see a menu with the options of “With Selected” or “With All Results.” “With Selected” refers to any contacts for which you have checked the box to the left of the entry. “With All Results” refers to all the contacts returned by your search.


Once you’ve selected your option, you can edit your contacts’ embedded data, opt them in or out, delete them, adjust their points and incentives, add them to or remove them from a list, or export them.


Learn more at Editing Contacts.