Target Audience - Points Incentive | Qualtrics


Creating a Points incentive allows respondents to collect points for each survey they take and then redeem collected points for prizes or products. You can then use Code Banks and Point Redemption features to automate the distribution of these prizes.

Points are great for longitudinal studies or managing and retaining respondents.

  1. Click “Create New Incentive”
  2. Select the survey you’d like to reward respondents for. The survey needs to be activated for it to show up in this list.
  3. Select “Points” as the type of Incentive and assign a point value.
  4. Add Conditions if they apply and click “Next.”
  5. Give your Incentive a Display Name and Description
  6. You have the option of notifying respondents when the receive the points by checking the box at the bottom of the window. Click “Next” to create the message or click “Create” to complete the creation process.
  7. Activate your Incentive.