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Field Data Types

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In Vocalize, every field needs to be assigned to one of nine data types. These data types define the type of data mapped into the field and consequently determine which widgets will be available for each field.
A.1.7 - 1

When you use the automap function in Vocalize to add a source, field data types are set automatically. While Vocalize can choose the correct data type for survey questions, you may need to modify some of your fields to gain access to different widgets (e.g., you may want to change an NPS question from a numbers set to a text set and then recode the numbers into different groups).

Also note that embedded data fields need to be mapped manually, so you’ll need to be familiar with field data types if you plan on using embedded data.

Data Types


  • Numeric Value – A number field that has a very large or infinite set of values (e.g., an order total or number of seconds on hold).
  • Number Set – A number field that has a finite set of values (e.g., the set of numbers from 0 to 5).
  • Date – A date and time field (e.g., the date somebody completed a survey).


  • Text Value – A one-to-two-word text field that has a very large or infinite set of values (e.g., customer name).
  • Text Set – A one-to-two-word text field that has a finite set of values (e.g., Dissatisfied to Satisfied or Customer Tier).
  • Multi-Answer Text Set – Can store multiple one-to-two-word text values in the same field (e.g., a multiple select list of the kinds of pets one owns).
  • Open Text – A text field for long blocks of text (e.g., comments).


  • Drill-Down – Nest multiple Text Set Fields for Drill-Down functionality (e.g., Country – State – City). Learn more about the Drill-Down data type.
  • Field Group – A group of Text or Number Sets that share the same scale (e.g., a matrix question asking about satisfaction level on several different components of a restaurant’s service). Learn more about the Field Group data type.


Changing the field type can break widgets using that specific field on any Dashboard, so edit with caution. For example, if you set an NPS Question as a Number Set in Dashboard Data and map it to a Gauge Chart widget in your Dashboard, and then go back to Dashboard Data and change the definition to be a Text Set, your Gauge Chart Widget in your Dashboard will break.