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My Reports Basic Overview (360)

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About the My Reports Section

Admin reports are tied specifically to your account, not a 360 project. These reports are designed to create high-level, aggregate visual representations of data to see how the company or certain groups are being rated overall, rather than looking at each subject’s report individually, like subject reports do.

Admins can create as many reports as they want in this area to focus on different aspects or groupings of data, and they are designed the exact same way as subject reports. The only difference is that now, we don’t have the option subject reports have to “Filter by Evaluation scope,” as we’re not focusing in on any one person’s collected results. Instead, you’ll just filter by different higher-level groups, like relationships, departments, locations, different years’ worth of results, and more.

To get started with your admin reports, head to the Reports tab and select My Reports.

the my reports section of the reports tab

Creating a Report

  1. Click Create New Report in the top-right.
    Create New Report pop up window
  2. Choose a Report Name.
  3. Choose a Folder for the report. More about creating folders in sections below.
  4. Choose which project serves as the default data source. You can add more later.
  5. Click Create.
  6. If desired, adjust the Page Size. Letter is standard.
    choosing the page size, layout, and questions
  7. Select a layout style. You can edit your report later, but this determines what kind of content is automatically generated for the variables you select in the next step.
  8. Select questions, scoring categories, and Embedded Data to generate content for in your new report. Everything is selected by default.
  9. If you’re satisfied, click Generate Report.
    Qtip: If you want to start from a totally blank report, click Cancel instead!
  10. You are now free to edit your admin report. See the linked page for all the different ways you can edit it.

navigating the my reports tab

  1. Navigate between folders. Home takes you back to uncategorized reports. All will display all, regardless of the folder they’ve been sorted into.
  2. Click Create New Folder to create a new folder to organize your reports into.
  3. Select reports you wish to modify. Click the dropdown arrow to copy, delete, or move the selected to a different folder.
  4. View a list of your admin reports and the date they were last edited. These are saved to your account only. You will see the same admin reports listed no matter what project you are currently inside.
  5. Click here to create a new report.