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Creating Action Plans (EX)

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Qtip: This page describes functionality available to Engagement and Lifecycle projects. For more details on each, see Types of Employee Experience Projects.

Creating Action Plans

  1. Go to Action Plans.
    Action plans button in upper-right of a dashboard

    Qtip: No Action Plans link in the upper-right? You may not have access to action planning, or you may be on a dashboard that’s using an older version of action planning. Talk to your Brand Administrator about your permissions, or check out Adding an Action Plan on the Action Planning Editor Widget page.
  2. Click Action Plan.
    Action plans top-right; action plan in blue with plus sign below that
  3. Select if there’s a Survey Question the plan should be linked to, a Category, or None.
    Action plan creation window opend with dropdowns along the top and blue create button bottom-right
  4. If you selected Survey Question or Category, select the specific field the plan should be based off of.
    Qtip: For now, only one of these can be selected, and it cannot be changed later.
  5. Click Create Action Plan.
    Qtip: If you chose a question or category with Specific Guidance filled out, you will see guidance in the action plan, including suggested tasks and resource links. Managers can edit these suggested tasks, title, and description after they create the action plan.
  6. Click the title to name the action plan.
    Fields of an action plan numbered going down
  7. Click Not Started to change the action plan’s status. You can set a status label (Not started, On Hold, In Progress, Complete, Canceled) and add a percentage complete.
  8. Click Add Date to open a calendar and set the date the action plan should be completed by.
  9. Hover over an owner and click the minus sign (  ) to remove the owner, or click the plus sign ( ) to add more owners.
  10. Hover over a hierarchy and click the minus sign ( – ) to remove the hierarchy unit, or click the plus sign ( + ) to add more hierarchy units.
  11. Any additional custom fields you added will show here.
  12. Click Create Action to add a subtask to your action plan. Tasks have the following fields:
    • Status
    • Description
    • Due Date
    • Owner
    Qtip: If you don’t need this task, click the dots to select the Delete action option.
    Delete subtask dropdown from upper-right corner of task
  13. Type a comment and click Add.

Qtip: If you click the dots in the upper-right of the action plan, you can copy it or delete it.

Three dots pretty high up, not in dashboard navigation bar but just below that

Adding Action Plans from Focus Areas

If you have set up a focus areas widget in your dashboard, you can create action plans from the focus areas you are most worried about.

  1. Click the focus area you’re interested in.
    Blue improve button on Focus Areas widget
  2. Click Improve.
    Qtip: Gold / orange areas are where your team or group has scored lower than the rest of the company.
  3. Click Create action plan.
  4. Fill out the fields of the action plan, as described above. Note that the area of focus tagged to the action plan is the same as the area you took action on from the Focus Areas widget.
    Name of action plan along top and survey item to left

Adding Action Plans from Other Widgets

Question List widgets and Scorecard widgets can have an Add button on each row of the widget under the Action Planning column. You can click this button to create an action plan, which you can then open in the Action Plans page.

scorecard and question list widgets with a column called action planning, where it just says add on every row to correspond with the item displayed on that row

Qtip: If you are an admin or are able to edit the dashboard, you can enable this behavior on Question List and Scorecard widgets by enabling Allow Action Planning when you edit the widget.

Viewing Actions Plans

You can find guided action plans by clicking Action Plans in the upper-right of the dashboard.

Action plans button in upper-right of a dashboard

Once inside, you can filter action plans by the hierarchy (1) and choose to view by units or by direct reports (2). When you filter by hierarchy, you will see any action plans that had the org hierarchy added to it. When filtering by unit or direct report, you’ll see action plans broken out by org hierarchy unit, or by your direct reports.

Filters along top-left of action plans page; names of direct reports along center because direct reports is chosen

Qtip: To determine what parts of the hierarchy the participants can filter by, adjust their dashboard permissions. See the Permissions page for data restriction options.