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Viewing B2B Account Data in XM Directory

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Attention: This feature is not included in all Qualtrics licenses. For more information about getting access to this feature, contact your Qualtrics Account Executive.

About Viewing B2B Account Data in XM Directory

The Accounts tab of your directory contains the B2B accounts from your B2B Command Center. From here, you can view details for your B2B accounts such as the account health, ARR, account team, and other account details you imported from Salesforce.
the accounts tab of a directory

Attention: To use the feature described on this page, you must first complete the Mapping Salesforce Data setup of the B2B Command Center.

Viewing Account Data

Below is an overview of each field available in the Accounts tab:
the accounts table

  1. Account: The name of the account.
  2. Tier: The account’s tier in Salesforce.
  3. Status: The status of the account in Salesforce.
  4. ARR: ARR stands for Annual Recurring Revenue and is the total amount of your contract agreement with your client divided by the term of the agreement.
  5. Health: The health of the account in Salesforce. Values include Opportunity, Neutral, At Risk, and Insufficient Signal.
Qtip: If you want to see when your account data was imported, click the View import history link to be brought to Actions Reporting & History.
the view import history button

Viewing a Single Account

If you click on an account, you can see more information about the account.
the side panel that opens after clicking an account

Summary Section

The Summary section contains the tier and ARR of your customer, as well as the members of the account team.
the summary tab of an account

Details Section

The Details section will contain any additional fields you mapped from Salesforce as part of your B2B Command Center setup. If no extra fields were mapped, then you will have no data in this section.
the details tab of an account

Roles Section

The Roles section contains the client account roles that were mapped from Salesforce.
the roles tab of an account

Click on a role to see more information about the role, including which contacts in your directory make up the members of the role. When viewing a role, you can do the following:
viewing the contacts in a role

  1. Check the box next to a role member to edit their contact details. Editing contacts here works exactly like it does in your directory. See Managing a Single Directory Contact and Managing Multiple Directory Contacts for more information.
  2. View the role member contact details. By default this table contains Reference ID, Status (indicating if the contact’s opt-in status), First name, Last name, Email, and Language. You can customize the fields that are included in this table.
  3. To customize the fields in your table, click the pencil icon.
    Qtip: After clicking the pencil icon, you will see the below window.
    the edit columns window for choosing the attributes
    On the left, you can choose fields to add to the table. On the right is the list of fields currently in the table. You can remove fields by clicking the X next to the field, and you can rearrange fields by using the arrow buttons, or by dragging and dropping the fields. To return your table to the default configuration, click Reset to Default. When finished making your changes, click Save.
  4. If your account has multiple roles, use the dropdown menu to switch between the roles.