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Contacts Sample


A Contact List Sample is a subgroup of participants from your contact list to which you can send surveys. You can sample randomly, or you can select participants that meet certain conditions.

Using a Contact List Sample gives you the freedom to target specific segments of your audience at a time, allowing you to run pilot distributions, space your data collection over time, reach out to individuals who haven’t responded to a survey invitation and more.

Creating a New Sample

  1. Navigate to the Contacts section and click Create Sample.image06
  2. Choose which contact list you want to pull your sample from.image02
  3. Name your sample.image03
  4. Enter your limit for how large your sample can be in Max Sample Size.image07
  5. Use the Sample Randomness slider to control how fast and how randomly the sample is calculated (“Faster”, or less random, is the default).image00
  6. Click Add a Sample Condition to set conditions on which contacts are eligible to be in the sample (to add multiple conditions, click the gray plus sign to the right of the condition).image10
  7. Click the green Generate Sample button.
    Qtip: When generating a sample, a Current Jobs notice will appear next to the Create Sample button on the main Contacts page. While the job is running, you can leave the page to work on something else. When you return to the Contacts section, you can check on the job’s progress or view the finished sample.

Sample Conditions

There are three main conditions you can use to filter your sample and target your survey invitations to the right participants.

  • Embedded Data: Filter by Embedded Data values.
  • Recipient History: Filter by when the contact last took a survey or received a survey invitation.
  • Recipient Sample Membership: Filter by whether the contact was or wasn’t a member of another sample.image09

Sample Options

The Sample Options menu in the top right corner allows you to perform the following actions:


  • Export List: Download a list of your contacts. You can choose which file type, whether to export the Embedded Data, and which member subscription status (all, subscribed, or unsubscribed) to export.
  • Regenerate Sample: Using your same Sample conditions, recreate your subgroup of members from your list.