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Distribution Summary

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About the Distribution Summary

The Distribution Summary provides an overview of your collected responses for a survey. Your responses are broken down by distribution channel (i.e., method), with an interactive graph displaying recent response trends and a table showing all responses collected thus far.

Distribution Summary page within the Distributions tab

Recent Responses

The Recent Responses graph displays the number of responses collected for each distribution channel over the last fourteen days.

Recent Responses graph showing the response trends for the previous 14 days

The X-axis displays the date, and the Y-axis displays the number of responses collected. The legend to the right updates as additional channels are used, or as older channels cycle out of the fourteen-day window. Hovering over a legend value will cause all other channels to fade out.

Breakdown of response type in Recent Responses graph (Email vs. Anonymous link)

Clicking on a legend value will hide its responses from the graph.

Anonymous Link is clicked in the Recent Responses graph legend

You can also hover over any specific day on the graph and see a breakdown of the response counts by distribution channel.

Mouse is hovered over bar of a specific day and a pop-up breakdown is shown

All Responses

The All Responses table shows all responses collected thus far for each distribution channel used.

All Responses table beneath Recent Responses Graph

The following details are given:

  • Distribution Channel: The channel that was used (e.g., Preview, Anonymous Link, Invite Over Email).
  • Audience Size: The number of links that were distributed. This is N/A for any method that doesn’t involve links or that only produces 1 link, such as when you generate test responses (fake data).
  • Surveys Started: The number of surveys that were started by participants. A survey can be started by clicking a survey link, responding to an SMS invitation, or answering an inline email question. The number of surveys started includes both unfinished surveys and completed surveys.
  • Responses: The number of responses collected. This does not include responses in progress until they are closed.
  • Completion Rate: The number of surveys completed divided by the number of surveys started. (“Completed surveys” does not include incomplete survey responses, and so this is not necessarily the number you see in the Responses column)

Channel Categorization

Your Distribution Summary organizes responses according to which channel was used to distribute the survey. Qualtrics keeps track of the distribution channel by appending the Embedded Data field Q_CHL to the end of your survey links via a query string. Depending on the type of distribution, the value assigned to the field will vary.

Anonymous Link
Does not have Q_CHL appended
Social Media
Personal Links
Q_CHL=gl (gl stands for generated link)
QR Code
Invite Over Email
Invite Over SMS
Q_CHL is missing or invalid

All Responses Table with Distribution Channel on left and Completion Rate on far right