Insight Platform - Account Settings FAQ | Qualtrics

Account Settings

How many total responses have I used? How do I increase my account limits (email or response)?
You can see your responses statistics by clicking on Account Usage. In this view, you can see your total allowed surveys, your total allowed active surveys, your total allowed responses, and your total allowed outgoing emails. In addition, you can see how many surveys, responses, and emails you have used.

To increase your account limits, you will need to speak to your Qualtrics Administrator. Their contact information is listed to the right of the usage graph also found in Account Usage.

I need some help with the administration of my account. Where can I find my Brand Administrator’s contact information?
You can find your Brand Administrator’s (or “Qualtrics Administrator’s”) contact information in Account Usage, located to the right of the usage graph.
What are the Qualtrics IDs for?
Qualtrics IDs have a variety of applications but are generally used for constructing API calls. If you are not a developer or working on integrations for your organization, you likely won’t need these IDs.
Why is the “Generate API Token” button grayed out?
The “Generate API Token” is grayed out when the account does not have the API or Offline App features enabled.
What is the benefit of changing the timezone?
Changing your timezone to the correct one will allow you to schedule emails using your timezone. Timestamps on responses will be adjusted to your timezone as well.