Insight Platform - Administration FAQ | Qualtrics


How do I change ownership of a project for one of my users?
  1. Navigate to the Users page.
  2. Search for the existing user by using any of the search criteria and filters (Username, First Name, Division, User Type, etc.).
  3. Click the username of the desired user account.
  4. Click View Account Use Info.
  5. Click Change Owner next to the desired project.
    Select the User or Group you would like to transfer the project ownership to.
  6. Click Transfer.
I know this user has a Qualtrics account, but why can’t I find them?
There are a couple reasons you might not be seeing their account:

  • The account it is in a different organization/license (e.g., the user made a trial account instead of an account in your license).
  • There is a different username, name, or email associated with the account than anticipated (e.g., searching the username field for doesn’t work because the actual username is qualtricsdemo#qualtrics).
  • The user has more than one account and the account information being used to search is for the incorrect account.
  • The account has been deleted.
I noticed a specific permission is grayed out for a user; why can’t I give this user that specific permission?
Account permissions can be controlled on several different levels: the organization level, the Division level, and the User level. If a permission has been disabled on a higher level, the permission will appear grayed out on any subsequent lower levels. So if a permission appears grayed out on the User level, that means the permission has been disabled on either the organization or Division level. In order to enable that permission, the permission has to first be enabled on the higher level.
How do I change the Brand Administrator Contact Information?
  1. Navigate to the Organization Settings page.
  2. In the General section, enter the new information into the Brand Admin Contact Info box.
What is the difference between a Group and a Division?
Groups are used to facilitate content sharing (libraries, contact lists) between users. Divisions are used to divide users into mini organizations within your larger organization, allowing you to give each division its own permissions and administrators.
What can a Division Administrator do?
Division Administrators will have access to the Users, User Types, Groups, and Group Types pages. Any changes a Division Administrator makes to these pages apply only to their Division (e.g., a Division Administrator can only add new users to their own Division). These permissions can be limited further in the Division settings (e.g., you can prevent Division Administrators from using the Proxy Login feature by disabling the Allow Proxy Logins permission).
How do I look at the usage statistics for all of my users?
You can find your usage statistics on the Summary Report page. There are default graphs showing general aggregate statistics, and you can also click Export Stats to CSV (at the bottom of the page) to download a more detailed report of all your users.
What are Coupon Codes typically used for?
Coupon codes are given to Qualtrics users to change their account permissions. Rather than changing permissions one-by-one for several users, you can create Coupon Codes to change User Type or Division and thus adjust account permissions. Once you’ve created the code, you simply email the code it to your users. They will then enter the code into their account to update their permissions.
How do I request a new theme or change a current one?
Fill out the appropriate survey on our Theme Design page. Note that you must be a Brand Administrator or have the approval of one to request new themes or change existing ones.
What happened to Group-Owned surveys? Why is there a new user in my brand?
Group-owned surveys have been deprecated; instead, each survey will have one owner that can still be collaborated with a group. When a group-owned survey is migrated to the new interface, the survey’s original creator is assigned as the owner of the survey.

In those instances when the original creator is no longer a user, a new user is created in the account and that user is the new owner of all surveys whose creator was not available. This user has the following credentials:

  • Email Address: support+<brand>
  • First Name: Qualtrics
  • Last Name: Legacy Group Owned Surveys

If necessary, the surveys owned by this new user can be moved to other users in your license. The process is the same as any other survey ownership transfer. You can also delete this new user if desired (though we recommend first transferring ownership of any needed surveys to another user’s account).