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I am trying to email out my survey, but I keep getting an error message that says my from address/reply-to address does not contain an authorized email domain. What does this mean?
Every organization has a list of approved email domains (the “” part of an email) that are authorized for use in the From and Reply-To address boxes. Only appropriate domains that your organization owns can be added to this authorized list. Please contact your Qualtrics Administrator to make a request for an authorized email domain.

Note that you can always use one of the default Qualtrics addresses in either field, and that, for the Reply-To field, you can also use the email address associated with your account.

My participants are telling me that their survey link is not working. What could be causing this?
There are several possibilities:

  • Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing: The participant may be attempting to take a survey on the same computer and browser with the Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing feature enabled in the Survey Options. Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing places a cookie on the participants browser that will prevent another survey session from being started from that device. This setting will need to be disabled and the participant will need to clear their browser cache.
  • Used Individual Links: The participant may be trying to access the survey through a used Individual Link. Individual Links are created automatically for every person in your contact list when you send the survey out through the Qualtrics mailer or create Personal Links. This kind of survey link can be used only once and then becomes invalid. We recommend not forwarding any Individual Link to avoid this situation. The participant will need to receive another survey link (either through a new email distribution, Personal Link, or the Anonymous Link) in order to access the survey.
  • Expiration: The participant may be trying to access a survey that is expired. In the Survey Options, there is an option to set an Expiration Date (after which participants can no longer start new surveys). Please note that copying a project will copy over all survey settings, including the Expiration Date.
What are the differences between the Anonymous Link and an Individual Link?
The Anonymous Link is a universal link that can be used as many times as needed (depending on whether you use the Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing option). The Anonymous Link will not collect any personal information on the participant except for geographical location based on IP address (as well as any information expressly asked in the survey itself). This link is optimal for posting the survey on websites or using in any circumstance where you do not have the participant’s email address.

An Individual Link is automatically generated when you email your survey through the Qualtrics mailer or create Personal Links. Individual Links can only be used one time and will automatically collect contact list information (First Name, Last Name, Email, etc.). This information will be available in your survey as Embedded Data fields.

How can I make sure the participant only takes the survey once?
If you are distributing your survey through the Qualtrics mailer or Personal Links, then Individual Links will automatically be generated for each participant. These Individual Links can be used only once and then become invalid.

If you are distributing your survey through the Anonymous Link, there are two options to prevent participants from retaking the survey:

  • Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing: You can enable Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing in your Survey Options. This option will place a cookie in the participant’s browser that will restrict them from retaking the survey on that browser. However, the participant could still clear their cookie cache, use a different browser, or use a different computer in order to take the survey again.
  • Authentication: You can use the Authenticator element in the Survey Flow. This option will require the participant to be a member of a contact list you have previously set up within your account. The Authenticator options will allow you to prevent contacts from retaking the survey by using the contact list as an authentication database.
How can I avoid my emails being marked as spam?
Please visit our support page Avoid Being Marked as Spam for information on increasing your email deliverability. Some suggestions include knowing your recipients, creating quality email content, whitelisting Qualtrics servers, and using an optimal From address.
How do I send reminder emails to only those participants who have not finished their survey?
Email distributions come with a default feature to send reminder emails to participants who have not completed their survey from that particular distribution. Go to Distributions > Emails and click Schedule Reminder beneath the distribution you want. This will send a reminder containing the participants’ original Individual Links. Only participants who haven’t completed their survey will receive the reminder.
How can I insert values from my contact list into the body of my email (First Name, Last Name, etc.)?
When constructing your email message in the Emails tab, you can use Piped Text to insert contact list values into the email message.

  1. Click on the {a} icon.
  2. Select Contact List Field.
  3. Choose Recipient First Name to include each contact’s first name in the email.
  4. Paste the code wherever you want the first name to appear.
  5. Repeat for any other desired contact list fields (note that you can also pipe in Embedded Data fields).
How can I embed a survey question directly into the body of my email?
  1. Navigate to the Emails tab and click Compose Email.
  2. Select the Inline Email Question icon in the Message section.
  3. Select which Multiple Choice or NPS® question from your survey you would like to insert.
  4. Select the color scheme of this question or choose Custom to design one yourself (includes color options for background, buttons, and text).
How can I see who has received an email or who has finished the survey?
  1. Navigate to Emails.
  2. Click on the arrow to the right of the distribution you want to examine.
  3. Choose Download History.

A CSV file will download to your computer. This file will contain a list of all the contact list members you sent the survey to. The Status column will tell you whether they’ve received the email, started the survey, or finished the survey.

How do I increase my weekly email limit?
Email limit increases are considered on a case-by-case basis. You will need to contact your Qualtrics Administrator with the following information:

  • The email limit being requested
  • A description of the project(s)
  • A general description of who is being surveyed (student body, small business owners in Iowa, purchased panel, etc.)
  • How long the limit needs to be in place (one time or multiple times per year).

If your Qualtrics Administrator approves, have them contact our support team with this same information using the Contact Us link at the top right of this page.. We will evaluate the request and proceed from there.

Why can’t I log in to the Offline App?
There are several possible considerations.

  • Permission to use the app: Offline App is an extra feature, and not every license or account has paid for access. It may be that your license does not include Offline App or that it does but the feature has not been enabled on your account. Contact your Qualtrics Administrator for further details.
  • API token: To log in to the app, you first need to generate an API token. If you have not done this yet,
    1. Go to your Account Settings.
    2. Click Qualtrics Ids.
    3. Click Generate Token (do not generate this token more than once).
  • SSO login: If your organization uses an SSO login to access Qualtrics, we don’t actually store your password on our servers. As such, you will need to log in using a special username and your API token.
    1. Combine your normal SSO username with the # symbol and your organization’s Qualtrics name (you can find this name by going to Account Settings > Qualtrics Ids and looking at the Organization Id) to make your special username.
    2. Go to the Offline App login page.
    3. Triple tap on the silhouette image to bring up additional entry fields.
    4. Enter in your special username and API token (leave the password and datacenter fields blank).

Note that we recommend emailing your API token to yourself and copying and pasting it into the app so that you don’t make a typo. If you do copy and paste, make sure that there is not an extra space before or after the token.

When should I use the Advanced Options for Emails?
You should use the Advanced Options when you want to change the survey link type (by default, it’s a one-time use Individual Link, but you can change it to a Multiple Completes Link or the Anonymous Link) or when you want to adjust the link expiration date (by default, this is 60 days, but you can set it to whatever range you need).
How do I send an email to my contact list without including a survey link?
  1. Go to the Contacts section.
  2. Click on the gray gear to the right of the contact list you want to email.
  3. Choose Send Email to List.
How can I make Individual Links but not use the Qualtrics mailer?
  1. Go to Personal Links.
  2. Click Generate Links.
  3. Choose the contact list you want to create the links for.
  4. Set the link expiration date.
  5. Click Generate Links.

This process will download to your computer a CSV file containing a list of your contact list members and each of the Individual Links generated for them.