Survey Platform - Managing Your Account | Qualtrics

Managing Your Account


You can find useful settings and statistics for your Qualtrics account in your Account Settings. From here, you can perform basic tasks such as changing your password or checking how many responses you’ve collected.

To access your Account Settings, click on the silhouette in the top right corner of your account and select Account Settings from the dropdown.


User Settings

User Settings allows you to adjust a number of basic options.

  • Change Password: Set a new password for your account.
  • Change Time Zone: Update the dates throughout your account (timestamps for when surveys are submitted, survey expiration dates, etc.).
  • Change Language: Update your entire account to be in this language (for new projects, the language set here will be the base language for all participant messaging, such as End of Survey messages, though you can still adjust the language in your Survey Options).
  • Subscription Lists: Choose whether or not to receive periodic emails from Qualtrics.
  • Recent Logins: See an audit of recent logins to your account to ensure there is no unauthorized access.
  • Link Account: Link your account with your Qualtrics 360 Employee Feedback and Site Intercept products (if you have purchased them). Just input your 360/Site Intercept username and password.


Upgrade Account

Upgrade Account allows you to enter a Coupon Code to adjust your account permissions and settings. If you need to upgrade your account to include additional responses or more features, contact your Qualtrics Administrator. They will be able to either upgrade your account remotely or email you a Coupon Code that you can paste in here for expanded access. You can find the contact information for your Qualtrics Administrator below the Upgrade Account heading.


Account Usage

Account Usage shows you how many responses you’ve collected, how many surveys you’ve created, and other useful statistics. If your organization has a Qualtrics Administrator, you can find their contact information here. Your Qualtrics Administrator can assist with questions about your license and handle requests for changes in your account permissions.


Qualtrics Ids

Qualtrics Ids lists all the Ids you’ll need when using the Qualtrics REST API to connect your surveys with external systems. You can also fine and generate your tokens for API and Adobe Analytics, as well as input your Marketo Integration details (if you have purchased these features).image02