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Inactive Surveys


When someone attempts to take a survey that has been deactivated, the following default message is displayed: “Thank you for your time, unfortunately this survey has been closed.”

You can change this message in the Inactive Surveys section of your Survey Options.

Changing the Inactive Survey Message

  1. Open Survey Options in the Survey module.image02
  2. Select Custom inactive survey message and click Load a Saved Message.image01
  3. Select the Library you would like the messages to be saved in and click New Message.image05
    Qtip: Alternatively, select an existing message for use.
  4. Enter a Description for your message.image06
  5. Type your message as you would like it to appear to your respondents.image00
  6. Click Save.image04

Deactivating a Survey

The Inactive Survey message will display to respondents once the survey has been deactivated. To deactivate an active survey, navigate to the Distributions module and click Pause Response Collection.