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Inactive Surveys

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About Inactive Surveys

When someone attempts to take a survey that has been deactivated (i.e., when your survey is no longer collecting responses), the following default message is displayed: “Sorry, this survey is not currently active.” You can change this message in the Inactive Surveys section of your Survey Options.

Changing the Inactive Survey Message

  1. Open Survey Options in the Survey tab.
    Survey Options button in the Survey tab toolbar
  2. Select Custom inactive survey message.
    Inactive Surveys section of Survey Options
  3. Click Load a Saved Message.
  4. Select the Library you would like the messages to be saved in.
  5. Click New Message.
    Qtip: Alternatively, select an existing message for use.
  6. Enter a Description for your message.
    Create a New Message window opens over the Survey Options
  7. Type your message as you would like it to appear to your respondents.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Save again.
    Save button in lower-right of the Survey Options

Deactivating a Survey

The Inactive Survey message will display to respondents once the survey has been deactivated. To deactivate an active survey, you must pause response collection. See the linked support page for more details on how to pause responses.