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Single Mailing

Sending a Survey Invitation

The Single Mailing page is where you can send out emails and survey invitations to your mailing lists from Target Audience.

  1. Click on “Please Select” next to the “To” line. Choose a mailing list or sample for the distribution.
  2. Use the “When” drop-down menu to schedule the timing of your distribution. You can use “Custom” to set up a specific date and time to send the mailing.
  3. The “Survey” drop-down menu allows you to choose which survey to send in your distribution, or to choose “None” if you only want to send an email.
Qtip: Only surveys that have been activated will appear in the “Survey” drop down menu.
Qtip: By default, your survey distribution will send an individualized link that can only be used once. Under Advanced Options, you can change this link to a ‘Multiple Completes’ link, which is unique to the panel member but can be used to take a survey multiple times, or the Anonymous Survey Link, which is a general link also found in the Distribute Survey tab in Research Suite.

Adding a Survey Link to your Email

  1. Insert the survey link into your email by clicking on the globe icon. A pop-up will appear where you can type the text of the hyperlink which will contain your survey link.
  2. Place an opt-out link in your survey by clicking the piped text icon {a} and navigating to “Opt-Out Link”, where you can type in the text of the hyperlink that will appear in your email.
Qtip:  You can send emails without a survey link to your mailing lists as long as no survey is selected in the survey drop down menu. This can be useful when advising your mailing list that you will be sending a survey soon, for a group newsletter or to welcome panelists to the panel.
Qtip: Many email servers these days will look for opt-out links in the messages they receive, and some may filter out or send to spam emails that do not have an opt-out link.

Email Format Icons

    1. Use the piped text icon {a} to insert embedded data fields or Recipient fields, such as first or last name. You can also pipe in the total number of points a contact has received from your incentives.
    2. Once you have written your email, the system will ask you to save the message to your library before sending. You can load previously created emails or survey invitations from your library by clicking on the “Load a Saved Message” bar above the icons.
Qtip: General Messages will pull up in the “Load Saved Message” bar if a survey is not selected in the “Survey” drop-down menu. Once a survey is selected in the drop-down, then your saved survey invitations will appear in the “Load Saved Message” bar.