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Manage Mailing List Triggers

The Mailing List Triggers page allows you to set up automatic emails that will fire upon a respondent being added to or opting out of a mailing list. These emails can be sent to the respective respondent or to an email address of your choosing. The latter option is useful if you have a project manager that you’d like to keep informed about who is being added to or opting out of the mailing list.

Set up a mailing list trigger

  1. Select the action upon which the email will fire.
  2. Select whether you’d like to send the email to the contact or to another email address.
  3. Add a condition, if needed, in order to specify when the trigger will fire. These conditions function similarly to the conditions available when searching for respondents.
  4. Select when the email should send relative to when the contact is added to or opted out of the mailing list.
  5. If you would like to send a survey link in your email, select which survey from the Survey dropdown menu.  Only active surveys will appear in this dropdown!

    Qtip: It’s only possible to include a survey if you send emails to the contact.
  6. Compose your message in the email body. For more information on formatting this message, check out the Single Mailing page.

    Qtip: If you’re sending a survey, use the globe icon to insert a survey link.  The piped text {a} icon will allow you add an opt out link.
  7. Click “Save” in the bottom corner of the email to finalize.
Qtip: You can also set up Directory Triggers within the Directory tab. These allow you to automatically send newly uploaded respondents to the proper mailing list. Both directory triggers and mailing list triggers are useful in automating the recruitment process.