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Dashboard Data

The Dashboard Data section allows you to connect your surveys and other data sources with your Dashboards in Vocalize. Before you create Widgets on your Dashboard, you need to set up your Dashboard Data to pull through the information that you want to display. When you first create your Dashboard, Vocalize will bring you to the Dashboard Data page where you will add your Sources.

Adding Sources

  1. Click on the Add Source button on the right side of your screen of the Settings tab.
  2. Select your survey source from the dropdown list.
  3. The questions and metadata from the survey will be automatically added to your Dashboard Data. You can manually add Embedded Data as seen from Editing Fields below.

Organizing Sources

After adding in your first data source, you can click on the Add Source button and select a different survey to add additional sources. Additional data sources will not be automatically mapped, so you will need to map their fields manually. While you can map as many data sources as you want into your Dashboard Data, you cannot map the same survey or data source twice. After adding in an additional data source, you can either merge data from both sources into the same field or keep the data separate.

  • To keep your data separate, make sure that you only have one source mapped on each row.
  • To merge data into the same field, make sure that you have both sources mapped on the row of the field you want to merge. In order for this to work properly, make sure that the fields you are merging are extremely similar (e.g., two NPS questions, two open ended comment questions, etc.).

    Qtip: You should only merge similar questions to the same field. For example, if two surveys use 7-point satisfaction scales then it is fine to merge both questions in the same field. However you probably wouldn’t merge a 7-point satisfaction scale question with an 11-point NPS question.

Editing Fields

You can add new fields or edit the automatically mapped fields from initially adding a Source on your Dashboard Data that will edit how they appear or function on your Dashboards.

  1. Click on the Add Field button.

    Qtip: Updating the Field Name will not affect your survey and will only be visible within Vocalize.
  2. Provide or update a FieldName for your field.
  3. Select the Field Type.
  4. Choose the Field Mapping of the question or embedded data field that will populate the field.
  5. Click and hold down your mouse on the reorder icon and drag the field to a new location.
  6. Click on the Save button at the bottom right.
Qtip: Field Types and Field Mappings define the type of data mapped into the field and consequently determine which widgets will be available for each field. If you don’t see your desired Field Name when selecting the source of a Widget, you may need to change the Field Type or use a different widget. Be aware that changing the them can break widgets on any Dashboard using affected fields. As such, we often recommend adding a new field that maps to the same question rather than editing the Field Type or Field Mapping of existing Fields (e.g., you may have a Text Set field for NPS group as well as a separate Number Set field for NPS value).

Deleting Fields

Once you delete a field, the action cannot be undone. Additionally, deleting fields can negatively impact your dashboard by breaking widgets that are using the field you wish to delete, so please use caution when deleting any fields.

  1. Click on the X to the right of the field you want to delete.
  2. Confirm that you want to delete the field.

Additional Options

Advanced Dashboard Data OptionsOnce you’ve added your sources, you can use the Dashboard Data section to for advanced editing purposes like recoding your data or determining a field’s name and datatype.To learn more about advanced editing in the Dashboard Data section, please see the following pages:


Advanced Field Types