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Managing User Roles

User Roles can be managed using the Manage Roles Interface in the Vocalize Administration tab.

Besides managing roles, you are also able to view and edit users in each role in the Manage Roles interface. This allows you to quickly see who is assigned to each role as well as add or remove individuals without having to search for them in the list of users.

Getting to the Manage Roles Interface

  1. Go to the User Admin page.
    Users - 1
  2. Click on a user.
    Users - 2
  3. Click on the Add Role button.
    Users - 4
  4. Select Manage Roles from the bottom of the list.
    Users - 5

Creating Roles

  1. In the Manage Roles interface click on Add Role button.
    users - 6

Renaming Roles

  1. Click on the role name that you want to rename.
    users - 7
  2. Click on the role name at the top of the Manage Role screen and type in your new role name.
    users - 8
  3. Click on the Save Button.
    users - 9

Deleting Roles

  1. Click on the gear wheel located in the top right corner of the Manage Roles screen.
    users - 10
  2. Select Remove Role from the dropdown list.
    users - 11

Adding Users to a Role

  1. Select the role to which you want to add a user.
    users - 7
  2. Click on the Add Users link at the bottom of the list or under the gear wheel dropdown.
    users - 12
  3. Select the user that you would like to add.
    users - 14

    Qtip: Adding individuals into a role will give those individuals access to all the dashboards and tickets associated with that role.

Removing Users from a Role

  1. Select the role from which you want to remove a user.
    users - 7
  2. Click on the X next to the user’s name.
    users - 15

    Qtip: Removing a user from a role does not delete that user’s account. It will simply remove the user from the currently selected role as well as any dashboards or ticket queues provided via that role.