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Advancing our Investment in the Qualtrics-Salesforce Integration to Accelerate your XM Transformation

Experience Management (XM) is transformational when it becomes part of the day-to-day operations of your business, embedded at every level of the organization. We’re seeing firsthand just how powerful it is, as breakthrough brands like American Express, BMW, and JetBlue are integrating experience data into their existing systems and processes and bringing customer data together in one place.

Deeper integration into your existing systems and processes is the future of XM and it’s something we’ve consistently heard from our customers. We’re creating the most open XM ecosystem with the Qualtrics Partner Network, which includes over 120 global thought leaders and system integrators who strongly believe in the outcomes that XM delivers for customer, employee, brand, and product experiences.

And today, we’re furthering our investment in the Qualtrics-Salesforce integration, one of the most popular in our partner network, with the XM center for Salesforce.

Already used by more than 1,700 organizations and 50% of the Fortune 100, the Qualtrics-Salesforce integration helps sales leaders and teams gain a deeper understanding of customers’ preferences, interests, sentiments, and needs.

The result is more actionable insights across the web, mobile, and chat that improve the customer experience, and ultimately, drive retention and customer lifetime value.

Dedicated team to help you embed XM in your organization

The XM center for Salesforce is a group of dedicated engineers and program consultants solely focused on helping you design CX programs to create support and sales systems that optimize your customer lifecycles and predict churn or upsell opportunities.

It gives sales, services, and marketing teams a single view of customer insights in real-time, enabling them to proactively identify patterns and trends, and take immediate action on feedback at various moments in the customer journey – all on the same Salesforce systems they use every day.

With today’s announcement, we’ll expand the existing functionality of our integration with Salesforce and launch a series of new features to start rolling out before the end of the year. Based on your feedback, the first features will include: automated Qualtrics-Salesforce integration setup, more easily configured feedback triggered by Salesforce milestones across SMS text, email, and chat, and customer-centric views of each contact’s relationship history over time, available in the XM Directory.

As we build out this dedicated team, I’m excited to see our engineers and program consultants design, program, and deliver one of the most robust XM integrations in the industry.

By tapping into analytics on the Qualtrics XM Platform™, organizations also running Salesforce can:

  • Develop a holistic understanding of the needs, interests and preferences of their customers across the entirety of their journey, pre/post sales, in person, digital, etc
  • Understand the primary drivers of customer relationship strength
  • Serve customers more personally by understanding their preferences, interests, emotions, and beliefs
  • Predict sales opportunities and customer service needs

This is just the next step in our continued investment to create the world's most open XM ecosystem with the Qualtrics Partner Network.

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