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XM Essentials 2: Adding New Ingredients

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Reopening Project Dogfood

We barely got started when Madhavi called us to lunch, so our project was briefly postponed. Since Qualtrics logs you out after a period of inactivity — and lunch ended with iced mango-lassi — we were understandably delayed.

When you log into Qualtrics a second time, you’ll automatically return to your Projects page. I told the boys, “It’s here we’ll find our survey again.” We reopened Project Dogfood and were quickly up and running again.

Try It!

Exercise B: Searching for & Reopening a Project

  1. Click the XM logo in the top left corner to return to the Projects page.
    searching for our project on the projects page and then selecting it
  2. Use the search bar to quickly find the project you need.
  3. Click Project Dogfood (or the name you chose for your project) and reopen the survey created in XM Essentials 1.

The Survey Editor

When you open a Project, you’ll be taken to the Survey tab, also known as the Survey Editor. This tab is the center of survey building and editing in Qualtrics and is the second stop on your XM project development path.

the survey tab

Adding Questions

The Survey Editor has three key parts (1-3) for editing and arranging questions, paired with useful features (4-5) that help you orient yourself in the survey:

the different main components of the survey builder for adding survey questions

  1. Block: Group similar questions together inside blocks. Blocks can separate demographic from satisfaction questions, split surveys based on defined conditions, apply unique logic to some blocks and not to others, or simply organize questions conveniently by topic.
  2. Question text: Edit the wording of the question and its answers. Clicking any question opens the (3) editing pane to its right.
  3. Question editing pane: Copy, edit, or delete questions; change question types; edit validation; and modify question type options.
  4. Add Block: Click to create new blocks where you can move and organize questions.
  5. End of Survey: Signals the end of your survey, which can be customized to show a unique message.

By default, every survey starts out with one question in a default block. But, we’re going to need more questions than that!

Try It!

Exercise C: Adding a Question

  1. To add another question, hover over an existing question and click the blue plus sign ( + ) above or below any existing question. You can also select Add new question. Add a multiple choice question.
    clicking add new question or the plus sign below a question

    Qtip: Questions are numbered in the order they are created (e.g., Q1, Q2, Q3).
  2. Click in the Q2 question text box and enter: How much will you pay for lemonade on a warm, sunny day?
    changing the question text and clicking the answer choices
  3. Click where it says Click to Write Choice … and start entering your possible answers:
    • I don’t like lemonade (Press Enter)
    • 50 Cents (Press Enter)
    • 1 Dollar (Press Enter)
    • 2 Dollars (Press Enter)
  4. Delete any extra choices by:
    • Hitting Backspace or Delete on your keyboard while editing the text of the unwanted choice.
    • Pressing Enter to clear an empty text entry box.
    • Clicking outside of the last answer text box when it is empty.
    • Choose Remove Choice from the drop-down menu, accessed by clicking the arrow to the right of the answer text box.
Qtip: Your changes are saved automatically, but you can also press Control + S on a PC or Command + S on a Mac to force your changes to save.
Qtip: If you would like, you can read more about the Survey tab’s basic features.

What’s Next?

  1. Read more about Moksh & Naman’s Lemonade Stand.
  2. Continue to XM Essentials 3: Stir Up Your Questions.