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Survey Tools

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About Survey Tools

Survey tools are features to help you create online surveys and give them advanced functionality. These features include options like auto-number questions, generating test responses, reviewing survey accessibility, and more! You can access survey tools by clicking on Tools in the Survey tab.

the survey tools menu found by clicking Tools at the top of the editor

The following are the different survey tools available:

  • Auto-number questions: Change the question numbers for all of your questions. You can auto-number sequentially, by block, or by the internal ID number.
  • Reset recode values: This removes the recode values you edited from all choices in all questions, replacing the values with the default. (For example, the first choice is usually equal to 1.)
  • Manage reusable choices: Create a list of choices that you can reuse throughout the survey.
  • Survey tagging: If a Brand Administrator has created usage tags, you can tag your survey for internal tracking purposes. See this support page for more information about tagging surveys as a survey creator.
  • Generate test responses: Generate automated dummy responses for your survey to see what the dataset and report will look like before sending the survey to actual participants.
  • Review:
    • Search and replace: Quickly find specific words in a survey and replace them with another word.
    • Strip formatting: Remove all formatting from the selected questions. Use this option if questions in your survey have different fonts or styles that you want to remove.
      Example: If I copy and paste an article from a website, I can use strip formatting to remove all the styling (bolds, italics, font sizes, etc.) from the pasted content. I can then format the content to match my survey.
    • Spell check: Use this option to run a spell check on your survey. This only works for English (US).
    • Check survey cccessibility: Determine whether your survey is accessible for respondents who use screen readers, and receive suggestions for improving your survey’s accessibility.
    • Analyze survey: Open ExpertReview‘s suggestions for your survey.
  • Collaborate: Allows you to share your survey with another Qualtrics user so you can edit it and / or analyze the results together.
  • Versions:
    • Create new version: Save a version of your survey in order to view and restore it later if needed. By default, Qualtrics will also periodically create versions for you that can be viewed and restored.
    • View version history: See past versions of your survey and, if desired, restore them so they become the current survey revision.
  • Import/Export:
    • Print survey: Use this option to print or save a PDF version of your survey. This PDF file can also be exported to your computer or mobile device.
    • Import survey: Import a survey from a QSF, TXT, or DOC file.
      Qtip: You can use the export and import options to transfer a copy of your survey file from one account to another without having to share the project.
    • Export survey: Export your survey as a QSF file to be imported into another account.
    • Export survey to Word: Export your survey as a DOCX Word document that contains the plain text of your survey questions and answer choices.
      Qtip: The exportable Word document can also be used as a “data dictionary” or “codebook” for those who need to know which recode values are associated with each answer choice.